Conservatories in Limited Spaces: How to Install a Conservatory with a Small Garden

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We build a conservatory for one big reason: to mimic the effects of being outside while we’re indoors. This can help protect the contents of the garden from the moodiness of the weather, allowing everything to grow nice and beautiful.

Still, when you are running low on space, you need to find a few ways to get creative. If you are planning to build fitted conservatories with a garden, here are a few tips from Guardian Warm roof installers, CSM North East, on how you can make the most of a small garden.

Conservatories in Limited Spaces: How to Install a Conservatory with a Small Garden

Remember That You Do Not Have to Feel Restricted

When you build fitted conservatories, they can still be whatever you want them to be – so you have to decide on what you are planning to use it for. Sure, you want to use that conservatory as a garden – but what more do you want from it? For example, do you want it to be the place where you can enjoy your afternoon coffee while smelling the flowers? In this case, you will need to resize the garden so that you can also fit the platform with the leisure space.

Pick the Style that Is Right for You

Some people like their fitted conservatories to only have a glass roof, while others want to get the “full glass effect.” Overall, it depends on your personal preferences. For the sake of your garden, you might want to go for conservatories that let as much light in as possible – which means that the more glass, the better.

On the other hand, if you live in an area where the sun is very strong, you might want to go for half-covered conservatories. This will give both you and your flowers some shade upon entering the conservatory.

Decide on the Shape

In the end, this is mostly dependent on the free space. Regency conservatories will give off the impression of more space – which can be very convenient when that space is lacking. On the other hand, if your free space is awkwardly shaped, you can order custom-fitted conservatories that will make use of the space that you have. They will fit your garden exactly so that none of that space is lost.

Go for Vertical Gardens

When you are lacking in floor space, you can’t always plant all the flowers in the ground. There’s not enough room for that. However, by opting for vertical gardens, the flowers will be going up instead of being on the floor. You can add staggered shelves in the conservatory as well, to make the plants go up instead of being down.

Discuss your ideas with a specialist in building conservatories, since they will know best how to make use of the available space. Most of it will depend on how much space you have to offer, as well as how much furniture you plan to bring into the garden. Needless to say, fitted conservatories are the best ways to enjoy some time outside, looking at the flowers. 

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