Comfortable Travel with Kids

Travel is a fun time for kids of all ages. It is not only an eye-opening experience but also a time to enjoy new kinds of foods, visit new destinations and relish spending time with family. However, travelling with kids can be an overwhelming experience. The unpredictable schedules, long time on the road and the need to deal with cranky kids can be challenging for any parent. With adequate preparation, you and your kids get to have as much fun even when your toddler throws a tantrum or two during the journey! A little research goes a long way in helping you prepare for your long-awaited trip. Here are tips to help parents travel comfortably with kids…

Comfortable Travel with Kids

Outfit the Vehicle with the Right Gear

If travelling with an infant or toddler, consider outfitting the car with gear that will keep them comfortable during travel. For example, you can attach sun shades if the car windows are not tinted to keep the rear side cool. You might also want to carry battery-operated personal fans for the children to use when they feel extremely hot. Neck pillows come in handy for children when they are napping. Consider having a Parcelbroker service on speed dial in case you forget to carry essential items.

Carry Snacks

Be sure to pack healthy snacks for the kids. Avoid bringing sugary items, as they can get kids fidgety throughout the trip. Rice cakes, whole nuts, apples, sliced oranges, string cheese and other tasty low-sugar snacks come in handy. Keep them within reach, unless you have feisty toddlers; in which case, keep them away and pull them out when needed. Also, carry plenty of water and stop to refill everyone’s bottle occasionally.

Bring Toys

They make a great way to beat boredom, especially if travelling with toddlers or infants. Choose colourful toys or items, including one your toddler has not seen before for extra long journeys. Aquadoodle and magnetic boards make great travel toys. If travelling with older children, carry their favourite books, iPods or handheld devices and a pair of functional earphones; bring an extra pair of batteries too.

Engage Your Kids

Allow the kids to choose what they want to do between a range of activities. This keeps them engaged in the family trip, and they feel empowered to choose what they like doing. For example, if travelling to a beach, you may present them with options such as going for a fishing excursion or a snorkelling trip. If visiting urban setting, give them choices of exciting walking tours and let them pick an activity they enjoy most. It keeps them excited about what they are doing.

Make Stops

Create extra time for making stops. If travelling with an infant, you will need time to make diaper/nappy changes, feed or just stretch your legs. It explains why it is essential to leave abit early. The stops should be short and frequent to allow the kids to burn off steam or have bathroom breaks. Encourage each child to get out of the vehicle during the stop if possible.

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