What it Means to be a Neurodivergent Family

Being a neurodivergent family has its challenges. For us, personally, the biggest struggles are society’s lack of understanding and getting the support needed. Neurotypical people are often somewhat unaware of the range of difficulties faced by autistic people (and those with other neurological differences, such as ADHD) and what would actually help us in daily … Read more

Preparing Healthy Nutritional Food With Aids To Help

We all know the benefits of eating fresh, healthily balanced foods and a lot of the fun, aside from eating them, comes in the preparation of the foods we all love. But what about if you find it difficult to prepare foods; the chopping, slicing and dicing of foods can be difficult for some of … Read more

Invisibility Of Unpaid Carers: Carers Week #MakingCaringVisible

I have been trying to get this post written in acknowledgement of Carers Week since last week; as a parent carer myself, it felt wrong not to write about it. I have thought about the points I want to share, reflected on how it feels to be a carer – and especially in the context … Read more

Improving Independence For People With Disabilities: A Carer’s Point of View

There is no denying that caring for another person, whether adult or child, can be an emotionally and physically exhaustive endeavour. When it comes to caring and supporting those with specific needs, it often requires a level of resolve. This is true regardless of the nature of the disabilities that the person you care for … Read more

Children’s Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week. As a parent of a child who struggles with her mental health at times, I felt it important to write about this. However, as a parent of a child who struggles with her mental health at times, it also took all week to do so! The theme this … Read more

The Benefits Of Music Therapy

The Benefits Of Music Therapy

For many years Squiggle took part in music classes. Whilst they were not music therapy sessions as such, there were many close comparisons, and the benefits were very clear. There is no doubt in my mind that music can be hugely beneficial to our wellbeing, for both children and adults alike. Music in Culture The … Read more

Why I Prefer Shoe Shopping Online

Why I Prefer Shoe Shopping Online

Honestly, buying shoes can be a bit of a hassle sometimes; too often the sizes reflect the length but do not always offer a choice of width sizes, yet so many have wide feet. Squiggle and I are both familiar with this. Having wide feet, if not managed properly, can lead to a varied array … Read more