Hannah Elizabeth – 30 Days Wild – Guest Post

Today’s 30 Days Wild guest post is from Hannah Elizabeth, aged 21. She is currently studying at university and shares her time between Nottingham, Leeds and London. You can find her over at Hannah Elizabeth. What is your favourite nature activity? My favourite nature activity is walking the dogs around new parks, especially ones with … Read more

The Dozy Owl – 30 Days Wild (Guest Post)

Today’s guest post is from Kieran, aged 24, from Glasgow. He really loves sleep! (Don’t we all?!) You can find him blogging over at The Dozy Owl. What is your favourite nature activity? Walking around the local park, it gets tough in a big city trying to keep in touch with nature so it’s important … Read more

30 Days Wild: Guest Post – Butcher Baker Baby

As promised, today is my first 30 Days Wild themed guest post. This one is written by Jules from Derbyshire. It is her first year taking part in the 30 Days Wild challenge! Here is her post… What is your favourite nature activity? Woodland walks particularly when they are full of snowdrops/bluebells. It reminds me … Read more

A – Z of 30 Days Wild: A is for… Ants!

As I explained yesterday, I am not going to be blogging about 30 Days Wild as heavily this year due to other commitments. But what I do intend to do is share an A – Z of my highlights from previous years, with a few snippets of our activities this year, and some guest posts … Read more

Welcome to 30 Days Wild… Our Way!

It’s the 1st June and that can only mean one thing… today is the start of 30 Days Wild! For those who don’t know, this is a challenge to carry out a ‘random act of wildness’ everyday (or as many as you can!) throughout June, to encourage people to get closer to nature – wherever … Read more

Highlights of 30 Days Wild

So, it’s now July and therefore 30 Days Wild is officially over. It has been loads of fun! There have been so many wonderful adventures and activities that I could not possibly name them all, but here are some of the highlights: My Top 3 Random Acts of Wildness: Visit to Gobions Wood, Hertfordshire Rock … Read more

Our (Sub)Urban Nature Walk #30DaysWild 

To mark the end of 30 Days Wild, Squiggle was given the choice of what nature activity to do. (Making it a totally random act of wildness for me!!!) She chose to go on a nature walk to the ‘burbs, so we set off on our ‘final’ adventure (of course it isn’t really – we … Read more