Wicked Uncle – Ideal Gifts For Kids (#AD)

*This is a sponsored post Wicked Uncle is a cool website that specialises in awesome gifts for kids. More than that, it is set up to make it easy for anyone to be able to choose a brilliant suitable present – even if they don’t know the child very well. It is also great if … Read more

Learning Packs by Undercover Hippy Bus (Review, Discount Code and Giveaway)

Finding good quality useful educational resources is a priority. I find the core subjects are generally well covered. But sourcing activities that offer something different – thinking about the wider scope of valuable learning opportunities, such as children’s mental health resources, for example – is somewhat harder. Therefore I was delighted to discover the brilliantly … Read more

6 Fun Ways to Teach Your Child About Religion 

Teaching children requires a lot of time and patience. If lessons are boring or the tasks too tough, it can lead to their minds wandering and them getting easily distracted. Activities that are fun and engaging, and set at the right pace and level, will help your child learn more effectively. The same goes for … Read more

Life in Lockdown: This is NOT Home Education (Lockdown Homeschooling)

It has been well over a month since lockdown began due to Covid-19. The majority of parents are currently ‘homeschooling’ their children; schools remain closed at the time of writing this, except to children of key workers and those classed as vulnerable. As long-term home educators, some might assume not all that much has really … Read more

Maker Workshop: Book Review and Giveaway (x 4 Copies)

Maker Workshop by Dr Alison Buxton is full of fun STEM projects for children to carry out at home. Welbeck Publishing kindly sent me a copy of this book to review. The book has an interesting variety of projects. It is split into different sections; bionic bots, mega movers, home helpers, out and about, and … Read more

Childcare.co.uk – How To Choose A Suitable Childcare Provider #AD

At the time of writing this, the UK is in the middle of a lockdown. Right now, the majority of children are staying at home with a parent, guardian, family member or friend. Schools are only open for childcare purposes; to enable essential key workers to continue their jobs whilst the country is in Coronavirus … Read more

How to Make the Decision to Get an Online Education

How to Make the Decision to Get an Online Education

Whether you are considering going back to school or going for the very first time, getting a degree online is a huge decision, possibly one of the biggest you will have to consider. So, is getting an online education a good idea? Most universities offer online classes now, and many offer full online degree programs, … Read more

If The Benefits Of A Law Career Weren’t Obvious Enough, Here’s A Reminder

If The Benefits Of A Law Career Weren't Obvious Enough, Here's A Reminder

It’s no secret that people in the legal profession tend to do very well for themselves. But unless you know just how well, it is often hard to see why you would put so much effort into getting a law degree in the first place…  The job environment for legal graduates is amiable right now. … Read more