Sports Challenge: Celebrating Sports For All

On Friday we took Squiggle to the athletics track to do some races. This reminded me that I never actually properly wrote up our fantastic sports challenge (100 days of sports) last year! 

100 days of sports, childhood unplugged, freedom to learn, Home Education, outdoors, PE, physical development, SEND, sports, Sports Challenge
Athletics track

I had started out by doing regular round-up posts about it but then for one reason or another, I decided to just do a big summary post at the end, once we had actually finished. But it never happened! We successfully completed the challenge, and had a great time doing it – I just didn’t get round to writing the post to share all the sports activities we did and brilliant fun we had! Oops! So I figured better late than never; Squiggle and I are excited to finally share this post with you… at last!

During the sports challenge, Squiggle took part in a wide variety of sports. Some activities we arranged ourselves, often with her home ed friends, whilst others we attended were organised sessions. I was pleasantly surprised during my research for this challenge at how many inclusive sports sessions are available, including some aimed specifically at SEND children. 

100 days of sports, childhood unplugged, freedom to learn, Home Education, outdoors, PE, physical development, SEND, sports, Sports Challenge

This has also led me to reflect on the great importance of sports being accessible to everyone and the huge value of disability sports for both physical and invisible disabilities. I think back to London Olympics and Paralympics 2012 and how we opted to take Squiggle to watch the Paralympics specifically, as not only is it truly inspirational and an incredible honour to watch live generally, but we felt it particularly important for Squiggle to have such role-models from a young age.

I am thankful that there is such a great awareness within the sports sector and for the investments that have gone into disability sports and developing inclusiveness. Bristol Street Versa have also created this infographic to celebrate the pioneers of disability sports; because without them, of course, probably none of this would ever have been achieved. 

(By the way, if you happen to be looking for a wheelchair vehicle, check out their website

100 days of sports, disability sports, pioneers of disability sports, physical development, SEND, sports, Sports Challenge

So anyway, back to the sports challenge! Here are some of the sporting activities that Squiggle took part in as part of 100 days of sports…

  • Athletics (long jump, hurdles)
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Beach tennis
100 days of sports, childhood unplugged, freedom to learn, Home Education, outdoors, PE, physical development, SEND, sports, Sports Challenge
Beach tennis
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Foot golf
100 days of sports, childhood unplugged, freedom to learn, Home Education, outdoors, PE, physical development, SEND, sports, Sports Challenge
Foot Golf
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Rounders
  • Sports day (including flat races, relays and fun races e.g. egg and spoon race, beanbag balancing race, sack race etc…)
100 days of sports, childhood unplugged, freedom to learn, Home Education, outdoors, PE, physical development, SEND, sports, Sports Challenge
Sports Day races
  • Table tennis
  • Tag rugby
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

She invented her own sport too; a game she called ‘Round and Round Tennis’. She also acted out sports with her Sylvanian Families and played indoor versions of games; such as finger tennis, desktop table tennis and blow football.

We had a fantastic time doing this sports challenge and there are still plenty more ideas that Squiggle is keen to try out sometime in the future too! Such a great experience and very motivating!!!

What is your favourite sport? Let us know in the comments section!

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Sports Challenge: Great British Tennis Weekend

Today we had a lovely time playing tennis (for free!) as part of the Great British Tennis Weekend. I found out about this event through social media and was pleased to discover that there were various opportunities to take part locally. Booking was easy via the online system and our family time session could also be easily amended if/ when needed. Equipment was also available to borrow during these sessions free of charge. This was also brilliant timing, as Squiggle was so excited to be able to include it in her #SportsChallenge

During our session at Verulamium park, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, and the instructor was very understanding of Squiggle’s needs. We had a great time! For more information, check out the Lawn Tennis Association website here

Sports Challenge: A Different Kind Of Sport

Twinkl has many great resources, including plenty on the theme of sports. So today Squiggle decided to take a different approach to the Sports Challenge; she did some activities at home, including a sports themed wordsearch, some dot to dot pictures and we played finger tennis. Great fun!

Finger tennis- resources from Twinkl

Squiggle has also really enjoyed acting out different sports with her Sylvanian families, which also involved some very creative ideas to make the resources she needed…

Squiggle has played various sports with her Sylvanian families.

Sports Challenge: Athletics Track

Day 14: Today we went to the athletics track for the #SportsChallenge to do some running, races, relays, hurdles and long jump.

Squiggle really enjoyed use of the proper athletics track at Westminster Lodge.

Squiggle had fun trying long jump.

Sports Challenge: Football with Friends

Today we went to the local park to play football with some friends…
Football at Clarence park.


Sports Challenge: Inventing Own Sport

On day 5, Squiggle invented her own game called ‘Round and Round Tennis’. This is a combination of rounders and tennis. Player 1 hits the ball over the net with their racket then runs around the net as many times as they can. Player 2 retrieves the ball and gets back into their section as quickly as possibly with the ball, they then shout ‘ball’. The first player has to finish the lap they have started and stop in their section. The second player hits the ball back to player 1, who then hits it back to player 2. This signifies the switch of roles- player 2 hits it as far as they can, which then begins their turn of running, while player 1 returns to their section with the ball as quickly as possible. The person with the most points (one lap around net = one point) after an even amount of turns is the winner.

I thought this was a very inventive game, but I do admit, I was unsure how well it would work in reality! However, over the past few days, Squiggle has played the newly invented ‘Round and Round Tennis’ in the garden and it works much better than I imagined!

She has also played multi-sports/ practised her skills in the garden tennis, badminton, football, hockey and netball over the past few days and on day 6 we did some basketball, football and badminton at a local park.

Squiggle playing basketball at Longacres park.

Sports Challenge: Developing Skills

For the first few days of her Sports Challenge, Squiggle practised her skills for a different sport each day. Day one was football skills, second day tennis skills, day three she developed her hockey skills in the garden and today (day 4) she decided to shoot some hoops to practise her basketball skills…

Day two: Tennis skills at Aldenham SEN playground.

Day four: Basketball skills at Highfield Park.

Don’t forget to use hashtag #SportsChallenge to share your photos and updates!

Sports Challenge: Introduction

Inspired by 30 Days Wild, Squiggle decided to use the concept of themed activities to set herself a Sports Challenge; 100 days of sports. Throughout the summer and into autumn, she intends to something related to sports daily; practise sports skills, learn the rules of sports, play matches/ games, draw or write about sports, watch sports or even invent her own game.

If anyone else would like to join in with our challenge we would love to hear about it! Use hashtag #SportsChallenge (and tag me if you wish) to share your news and sports activities with us.

Squiggle practising football skills on day one of the challenge.