Planning Your Retirement Funds Through a Reverse Mortgage

It is an essential part of life to try to ensure you have enough money when you retire. One of the ways to achieve this is by planning your retirement funds through a Reverse Mortgage… Looking after you You have worked hard your entire life, contributed to National Insurance payments, and paid all your taxes. … Read more

How Not to Overstretch Yourself When Buying a House

Buying a house or any property can be a dream come true. It is, mostly accompanied by a lot of excitement that could be dangerous if not tamed. Out of the pure joy and adrenaline rush of owning a house, most buyers’ judgement tends to be clouded by emotions and end up making costly mistakes. … Read more

How Much Can You Cut The Cost Of Buying A House

Mortgages are a daunting prospect for many. Given that it’s likely to be the biggest expense that the majority of us are ever going to make in our lives, it’s no surprise that buying a home isn’t cheap. However, that doesn’t mean that you have no wiggle room to control the costs at all. Here, … Read more

Ease Into Christmas With These Top Money Tips

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What Do You Need Money For?

Now, the title of this article might seem a little strange, seeing as the answer it would seem is most things in life cost money. You’re not wrong; you do need money for a whole host of different things in life! But simply saying ‘everything’ doesn’t really cut it. So, while it might seem like … Read more

The Importance of Using a Mortgage Advisor

Mortgages – for some people, just the mere mention of them might fill them with dread! Endless financial jargon, long lists of confusing rules, and unexpected fees everywhere you turn. But mortgages needn’t be so daunting. When you have someone with all the know-how to explain and guide you through the process of getting a … Read more

5 Financial Apps To Support Your Family

Managing your family finances can be challenging, with plenty to pay for and changing commitments all the time. Financial planning apps can be useful to improve your financial health and perfect your budget. To get started, try these top five financial planning apps for families. 1 . HomeBudget with Sync With the HomeBudget application, you … Read more

Should You Have Family Income Benefit?

Should you have family income benefit? 2020 has taught us a lot so far. Arguably the biggest lesson is that anything can happen and nothing is guaranteed. Our lives have been thrown into unknown territory and many people have lost family, homes and jobs.  With this in mind, should we all be taking life insurance … Read more