30 Days Wild – Day 14: Puddle Jumping

“Don’t wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain.” Today has been a very wet day. So we danced in the rain and jumped in puddles. So much fun! There is something wonderful about being outside it the pouring rain- it is so refreshing and somehow freeing too- no one to … Read more

30 Days Wild- Day 13: Nature Alphabet Hunt

Can you find something beginning with every letter in 5 minutes? We found half the alphabet, can you beat us?! Also, remember #WorldMeatFreeDay is today! What are you having for dinner?

30 Days Wild- Day 9: Garden Yoga and Daisy Chains

We spent most of today outside in the garden. During this time, we did some yoga together, inspired by the random acts of wildness on the 30 Days Wild website. We used a printable yoga poster called ‘Garden Yoga for Kids’ for further inspiration. This can be found here http://childhood101.com/2016/04/yoga-for-kids-a-walk-through-the-garden/ We also made daisy chains, … Read more

30 Days Wild – Day 2: Nature Walk

For day two of our #30DaysWild challenge, Squiggle and I went on a nature walk. We spent lots of time studying things and taking photos. In fact, Squiggle took so many lovely pictures that we decided sorting through them and sharing them could be one of her future challenges for another day! We were also … Read more