Bike Safety Considerations When Teaching A Child To Ride A Bike

Bike safety is paramount when it comes to learning to ride; not only will it help stop the child from suffering an injury, but it will help them feel more capable, confident and in control. A significant part of teaching any child to ride, is enabling them to do so safely.

Find a Helmet that Fits

Wherever their riding, whether it is the local neighbourhood, the park, or the garden, a helmet should be worn at all times. Common advice is that the straps should form a tight ‘v’ under the ears, the strap should fit comfortably under the chin and the helmet should be about two fingers from their eyebrows. If it moves around a lot, it is probably too big and if it sits too high, it’s definitely too small.

Clothing and Other Gear

Thought and consideration should also go into clothes and footwear too. Loose trouser legs can get caught in spokes and laces too can find themselves there, or tangled on the peddles. Equally, gloves, kneepads and elbow pads might help anxious minds if they’re concerned about falling. Bright clothing or reflective gear are also a must if riding near roads, or cycling after dusk.

Bike safety

Bike Safety Accessories

Reflective stickers can help ensure the bike is more visible to others. Equally, ensure reflective lights are fitted too. Lastly, a mini bike bell is useful to alert other cyclists to the rider’s presence, keeping everyone safer.

Road Safety Awareness

It’s important that young cyclists are not only kept safe whilst learning, but also understand how to act safely themselves. One of the most vital things that they understand is road safety.

This is something that you can teach a child by relating cycling road safety to their experiences of going out walking, by looking at books, or using online material. There is plenty to help. Even if they’re too young to ride on the road, they may still could be crossing with you and should be aware of their surroundings, plus it is generally good practice to help develop safe habits for the future.

Other Bike Safety Considerations

When your child is old enough you may want them to take a cycle proficiency course too. This can often be done through school or within the community.

Do you have any other bike safety tips? Let me know in comments!

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  1. Safety is paramount – seen far too many children left wìth life changing injuries because they hadn’t worn their helmet


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