Best Upgrades To Increase The Value Of Your Home

If you want to make sure that your home value is increasing with every improvement you make, then you need to do your research. You need to understand what your buyers want from you and you also need to know how much they are willing to pay as well. Luckily, this guide will take care of most of that for you. Here are some key tips on how you can increase the value of your home…

Finish your Basement, Garage or Loft Conversion

High-income buyers may want to see that a conversion has been completed on those often unused spaces; be it loft, basement or even garage conversions. If you add a conversion then you will be adding more square footage and you will also be able to bump your home up to another price bracket too. If you have an unfinished conversion then this can add some extra value to your home, but if you put the work in to get it finished properly then you can add far more to the asking price than it would cost to complete the project. It is the best way for you to make sure that you are getting the best result out of your home overall.

Open the Floor Plan

Knocking through will create a spacious layout that will resonate with a lot of buyers. Surveys have shown time and time again that buyers favour designs which are partially open, or fully open. This is especially the case with the living room, or dining room/ kitchen. An open arrangement allows for way more natural light and this is always inviting. It will feel as though you have way more space to play with and this will really work in your favour. That being said, you have to make sure that your home has some degree of structural support and definition between your spaces too. For this reason it’s a good idea for you to consult with an interior designer before you go ahead and make any changes.

Install Hardwood Floor

Another thing that you can do is put down a hardwood floor. If you refinish your hardwood floor, then you will recover 100% of the cost at resale. New wood flooring will recoup around 91% of the cost. If you want to try and get the best result out of your floor then look up “what is the difference between engineered wood and laminate floors?” so you can come out with a decision that ultimately helps you to make the most out of your sale.

General Appearance

A lick of paint in tatty areas, fixing any minor repair work needed, and a well maintained garden, will also help to ensure you achieve the best value for your home possible.

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