Benefits Of Holiday Clubs: Barracudas Activity Camp (#AD)

Back when I was a university student studying for my BEd, I was also a manager at a holiday club. Therefore I have seen firsthand how much fun children have at them, how well they operate, and how they are full of wonderful educational and social opportunities for the kids too. As a parent, it is great to have these choices available for school holiday childcare, or simply just to keep the kids entertained and active!

Holiday clubs, also known as Activity Camps, are either themed, event and/or activity-based days usually targeted at school-aged children. These day camps tend to focus on physical or creative activities. Some commonly covered things are arts and craft, sports, music, science, nature and exploration. More specialist options also exist too of course!

There are many benefits to your child visiting an activity day camp during the holidays…

Barracudas activity camp. Holiday club. Go karting.

Time out and about

So much of the year will have been spent studying and learning that having time in nature hiking, running around, playing sports swimming or even doing outside craft will do them a world of good. As will getting them away from their phone, TV, tablet and video games. Technology is great but they’ll be encouraged to find entertainment elsewhere and that’s healthy too!

Promotes social development

The kids at camp will come from a wide array of backgrounds. The children will be encouraged to make friends, communicate, work as a team and use their newfound friends and interactions to complete tasks.

Personal development

Depending on the camp and the activities they offer, the kids will have opportunities to try things they might not have before. Fencing, climbing, archery, helping local wildlife or eco-friendly craft are among the fab talents your child might not even know they had.

They’ll also be encouraged to explore their problem-solving and independent thinking abilities. These day camps are excellent ways of building confidence and boosting your child’s self-esteem also.

Your own peace of mind and wellbeing

We’re all leading busy lives and whether you need to work or just need time to get stuff done; having somewhere for the children to go where they’re having a fab time, staying safe and are out of the house is very important.

So, as you can see there are very clear benefits to having your little ones visit an activity camp during the holidays. And one such place is Barracudas holiday club…

Archery. Barracudas activity camp. Holiday club.

With more than 40 locations across the UK and more than 80 activities available, the Ofsted registered Barracudas is the leading choice for many families when it comes to holiday-time childcare. With over 25 years experience, you can see why!

Barracudas understands the importance of keeping children in safe environments with (as much as possible) personalised experiences taking into consideration the individual needs of your child. For example, in the early years category (children under 5 as of August 31st before camp starts) parents are sent an online form to assess their children’s anxieties, water confidence and lunch requirements (such as needing help).

Naturally, there are plenty of games and activities at Barracudas tailored for every age group. One of the undeniable things that particularly stand out however are their courses:

• Lab rats – a series of fun and imaginative science lessons that are educational and fun.

• Upstage – a drama workshop, aimed at encouraging expression and building confidence.

• Swim School – driven by qualified instructors and lifeguards the swim school aims to teach the children how to be safe and confident in the water.

• Motor Mania – not only are there quad bikes and go-karts to race along the tracks but the course teaches about road awareness/safety and signs too!

So whether it’s sports, crafts, play, education or exploration; Barracudas offer a lot of options for those who need it. There are even early and late clubs available too! If you’re looking to get the kids active, need school holiday childcare, or just a little time to yourself, then look into one of their camps now! For more information, visit their website

*This post is written in collaboration with Barracudas. 

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