Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

Homes, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. As with clothes, there is a balance of style, comfort and practicality when it comes to how we furnish and style our personal space. Flooring is no different, especially as there are so many types. However, if you’re looking for a hard wood feel beneath your feet, one way you could go is with engineered wood flooring, which is a solid choice for consumer and home. Here’s why…

Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

Cost Efficiency

Expense is subjective; something is only worth what it is to you. Personal value shifts depending on circumstances, events and financial availability. What I like about engineered wood flooring is that it comes with a wide variety of price points. Options are never a bad thing and it is reassuring to be able to get some high-quality flooring without re-mortgaging the house.


How involved you get in monitoring the sustainability of your flooring is up to you, of course. There are many things to consider; harvesting materials, manufacturing, transport, installation and disposal for starters. For the eco-minded home renovation enthusiast, there are options. If the amount of wood being used interests you, engineered could be the right decision for you. Less hardwood is used and the process of manufacturing is significantly more efficient than its counterparts.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Unless you’re an expert or studying closely, engineered wood flooring looks identical to solid wood, giving your home that natural beauty that comes with it. This, along with other benefits of hard flooring (such as cleaning and maintaining), as well as the fact that it is very durable and versatile, add a great deal of value to choosing it.


Engineered wood flooring is arguably more durable than the more prestigious solid wood alternatives. This is because it is less prone to moisture absorption, and is also due to the vast and varied options when it comes to finish.


Whilst you may want to avoid the bathroom (moisture resistance is not quite the same as invincibility), you’ll be hard pressed with the different styles to find a room where engineered flooring doesn’t look amazing. What’s more is that refinishing is also an option if or when you choose. You can sand it, stain it and even seal it if you want to give the floor a fresh start. This alone makes this type of flooring a very practical and future-proof consideration.

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