Benefits Of Cycling For The Whole Family

It’s no secret that cycling is good for you. Regular physical activity does wonders for managing weight, keeping your heart at its best and aiding mental wellbeing. Bicycle riding is unsurprisingly one of the very best ways to get health issues under control and keep you fit and healthy, agreed Kitchen Home. Whether riding for sport, recreationally, or for transport; bicycles fit perfectly in the lives of an estimated one billion people worldwide.

And why wouldn’t they?

Cycling can offer both enthusiasts and the casual alike a varying intensity workout; ranging from low impact to intense cardio. Another great thing about cycling is that it’s an affordable and environmentally friendly activity that works for the whole family. You can increase or decrease the intensity of your ride to accomplish your goal. Those who want to achieve a higher fitness level can do interval training or power training with a power meter. However, if your goal is to be sufficiently physically active, cycling for 30 to 45 minutes every day will help with weight management and maintaining good health. 

Benefits Of Cycling For The Whole Family

Benefits of Cycling for Parents

As adults, we face many challenges in our day-to-day lives. There are little ones who need nurturing, bills that need paying, relationships to maintain, and our health to keep in check. Achieving all this can feel like a losing battle, but cycling can help.

Life is stressful; this is a simple fact and (whatever the reason) it is important to have a means of keeping these stresses under control. Cycling is a fantastic way of achieving this. It is a fun activity and the exercise combined with time outside sends the right chemicals to the brain to help manage these feelings.

Cardio (cardiovascular) exercise is movement that leads to increased heart rate and oxygen distribution. It is important as it improves the heart’s health, increases good cholesterol and of course manages weight too. The sedentary lifestyles that our busy lives can fall into highlights the importance of seeking out this type of exercise, and cycling offers low-impact cardio that fits nicely into busy lives.

Benefits of Cycling for Children

Children and bicycles have always been synonymous. This is unsurprising of course; a bicycle is a child’s first gateway to freedom. Much how young adults often feel about their first car, young children often feel about riding their bike. It opens the world and gives independence.

Cycling has a natural progression for kids. It starts with a trike, for example Tricycles from Jorvik would be the perfect way to begin. Then it moves on to balance bikes or stabilisers/training wheels, then to single-speed, and eventually multispeed bikes. Through all this your child develops balance, strength and fitness, and their lungs, heart and muscles grow stronger too. They may even develop a passion and progress with mountain biking!

Above all things, the undeniable fact is that riding a bike is fun and rewarding. Cost of the bicycle aside, it’s a fun, free activity that allows them to explore be it with friends or family.

Benefits of Cycling as a Family

Every member of the family; mum, dad, the children, grandparents (and any and everyone else) can enjoy time together cycling. It works as a solo and a group activity. So, naturally it is a fantastic way to share time together.

Finally, there is something to be said for helping your children learn their environment. It enables them to know their neighbourhood (and getting acquainted with it yourself), to identify landmarks in an emergency and be more confident when travelling the area when older.

*This is a collaborative post.

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