Bedroom Makeover: Furnishings Wish List (Gift Guide)

I am looking to give my bedroom a makeover, as it is in desperate need of an update. Not so much any actual decorating, that is neutral and easy to work with anyway; but in terms of the contents. Now, I am all for getting the most use possible from things and not replacing before needed; I definitely avoid unnecessary purchases and over-consumption! However, my bed barely even serves its purpose now and my mattress, by recommendation, should have been replaced a few years ago. As for other bedroom furnishings; they are almost non-existent! So it is time to make it abit more cosy and inviting; after all, sleep is important! Here is my bedroom makeover wishlist…

Bedroom Makeover: Furnishings Wish List (Gift Guide)

Divan Bed Base

My personal preference is a divan bed. As well as the storage space, I find them the most durable and quietest type of frame; less risk of sleep disturbances. There are loads of divan bases to choose from, for example this Crushed Velvet Divan Set comes in a choice of silver, black or champagne so will compliment the existing decor very well; I am particularly keen on the grey option for the bedroom.


I need a new set of bedding anyway and would love to opt for eco-friendly bedding if possible. Whilst something neutral and in keeping with the room colour scheme would work well, I also stumbled across this selection of lovely patterned duvet covers and pillows at Rani Organic Cotton, which I do love. They are not cheap, but I am tempted!


The curtains I have are blackout lining, which suits me. However, they dont fit the window very well so this isn’t great! (They also don’t go with anything else either). This was due to me making use of existing ones I had from elsewhere rather than having to make a new purchase at that time. It was only ever meant to be a temporary solution, something to ideally be replaced in the near future, and I still haven’t got round to it years later! I haven’t chosen the exact curtains yet but they will be grey pencil pleat with a blackout lining.


For bedroom furniture, in order to be eco-minded I will look to reuse ideally; therefore perhaps I could pick up something from a local secondhand site or find some upcycled items. I think white will work best with the greys. If you are the creative type, you could even upcycle furniture yourself, either for your own room makeover, or as a gift to someone else.

Soft Furnishings

The bean bag I was sent from Bean Bag Bazaar might find its way into this room eventually too. It would be perfect for chilling in there to read or play a game. However, it works well in so many rooms I don’t know yet! A blanket for winter nights might be handy too.

Finishing touches

Last but not least, a digital photo frame and some artwork would be a nice addition. I have already spotted some lovely art for sale by a facebook friend, Sarah Charlton, and have picked one out!

Do you have any bedroom makeover tips? Let me know!

*This is a collaborative post

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