Barney the Dinosaur and Friends: Early Years Educational Barney Activity Ideas

Barney Early Years Educational Activity Ideas – Where It All Began

So, what inspired this post about Barney the dinosaur and friends early years educational activity ideas? Here is the backstory…

Yesterday my home educated daughter asked for suggestions of what to do at home (she had chosen to stay in). However, after naming what felt like endless activities, I was starting to struggle. (I wasn’t short of ideas. My suggestions included reading books, doing a doodle book, making a book, doing a different type of writing, drawing, collage or other art, making something, building something- sticklebricks, duplo, lego friends, meccano, blocks, act something out- story, book, past event, play sylvanians, dressing up- her or her toys, play a game- several specific ones named included alphabet lotto, kerplunk, hungry hippos, connect 4, silly sentences and rhyming words to name just a few, puzzles, counting, number game, messy/ tactile play- sand, pasta, rice, porridge oats, snow, soil, water, computer research, computer game, hexbugs, music and look at photos, plus probably some I have now forgotten).

Barney DVD

Then I suggested a DVD. Now this is not something that is usually at the top of her list to say the least, she struggles with it personally. But yesterday she obviously felt like doing something different; she was still seeking her inspiration. So I switched on a Barney DVD that had been lurking on the shelf for quite sometime never having previously been watched. It certainly helped! It inspired her to come up with loads of Barney themed educational activity ideas.

Barney and Friends Episode with Numbers

So, the episode was about numbers. Brief synopsis is that a small group of children are playing hide and seek when a friend comes along with his box of numbers 1-10. They put them in order but then they blow away, and so a number hide and seek game begins. At number 3, Baby Bop draws a number 3 in the sand before realising the number is on her tail, they head inside to get 4 where they sing 4 in a bed whilst dressed in their pyjamas, 5 is a limbo song, then they make a ‘6 shake pudding’ before finding the rest of the numbers.

Well, my daughter adored it! What’s not to love? Cute characters, happy bouncy children singing cheerful catchy songs, clear and positive storyline to copy and act out in different ways. She watched it several times over, then for the rest of the day yesterday and all day today creative thinking flowed freely from her. Here are some of her Barney activity ideas…

Barney Early Years Educational Activity Ideas

Below are some of the Barney themed educational activities we did inspired by this episode (all ideas were entirely hers):

• Making Barney character masks independently-Creative development

• Writing in the sand -Fine motor skill development and sensory input


Barney early years activities - Developing number recognition and number writing (also sensory diet activity)
We wrote number 3 in the sand together as she requested help-Developing number recognition and number writing (also sensory diet activity)

• Mathematical development- recognising and ordering numbers

Mathematical development- recognising and ordering numbers


Mathematical development- recognising and ordering numbers
Ordering numbers 1-10 (independent)

• Number hide and seek in the garden-Understanding of the world:

She wanted the numbers to blow away so we talked about different weather and how to create our own breeze or pretend by throwing them. She also didn’t want to take her paper numbers outside as she knew if they got wet in the snow that they would get soggy. So she decided to investigate what material to use instead and chose to experiment with using foam.

• Number Limbo – physical development

• Sung the song 4 in a bed with actions

• Hide and seek together

We had a lovely couple of days doing educational activities all related to one episode of Barney and all chosen by her. We covered language and literacy, mathematical development, creative development, knowledge and understanding of the world and physical development, as well as using lots of problem solving skills, increasing independence and self- help skills and included plenty of sensory activities too!

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