Author Interview: Penelope Magoulianiti and Book Giveaway ‘Women, Motherhood & Independence’

I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to interview inspirational author Penelope Magoulianiti. Her book ‘Women, Motherhood & Independence: A Guide to Financial Freedom, Beauty & Confidence After Birth’ aims to help women achieve their goals and be successful, with clear strategies and practical advice on how to do so. Here is our interview…

Your book is inspirational to other women, but who is most inspirational to you?

My mentor and the person who saved my life literally is Anthony Robbins. Many years ago, I attended my first seminar in personal development; the UPW (Unleash Power Within) with Anthony Robbins. It was the best decision I ever made and it changed my life.

I gather you faced many challenges during your childhood. What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest fear was money, lacking money to be more precise. I also had self-esteem issues due to many financial problems faced by my family while I was growing up. To wake up and fall asleep with the same thought day in – day out was exhausting. The universal law is that you bring to your life what you put energy in and because my focus was so intense and my fear was so big, I found myself at age 29 being completely broke. 

It took lots of courage and determination to change my life, but I did and I’ve never looked back since then. 

Your bio states you want to leave your children a legacy to be proud of. What are you most proud of to date?

The fact that I don’t live any more within my comfort zone. The fact that one by one I am managing to achieving my goals and living my dream life. I’ve always wanted to write a book and influence as many women as I can to step up and follow their dreams. I did it. Taking into consideration the comments I am receiving from my readers, I believe that I am influencing their lives. The fact that it has also been translated into three languages tells me that what I am sharing in the book is of interest.

Another thing that I am proud of is my decision to escape from the corporate world and to start a completely different career. Starting a new career at the age of 40 was petrifying but I’ve been always honest with my kids. I talk to them and let them know about my successes but at the same time I’ve been always honest about my failures and setbacks too. I try to teach them that we don’t give up our dreams with the first setback or failure and to succeed we need to keep pushing and trying. 

I love the quotes you share in your book. What is your favourite quote and why?

‘There is no passion to be found to play small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living’ – Nelson Mandela.

I love this quote because many of us, are settling for something less out of fear of not being good enough or capable enough to achieve everything that our heart desires. However, when we settle we don’t live we just exist. Life passes by without meaning and we become like robots. When however, we pursue something that excites us, we are growing. We are looking forward to go to work every single day and we are not perceiving it at all as work. We are alive and happy and that makes all the difference in the world.

If you could only share three pieces of advice from your book what would you tell people?  

1. To stop reacting to what life brings and start planning their lives. It’s time to stop trying to fulfil other people’s agendas and start working towards their own.

2. Accept and love ourselves. Understand that each one of us has a unique talent and all of us have something great to give to this world. 

3. Take control of your life and stop relying on other people to do it for you. You are the only one responsible for your successes and failures. The minute you take full responsibility for everything that is happening to you; that is when your life will start changing.

Obviously your book is aimed at women specifically, but do you feel there is any value in men reading your book too? 

I have many men who read the book and they found it very useful, so yes, even though the title is aimed to women, the principles and techniques I am describing in the book can benefit both sexes.

What advice would you give to mothers who are trying to juggle everything?


We need to understand that even though we are capable we are not superwomen. We need to concentrate on the things that are the most important, the ones that are going to make the biggest difference in our lives and delegate or stop doing the rest. It’s not easy to do it but by setting priorities we can achieve more.

I have created a list is called: “The Ultimate Jugglers Task List – For Mums who have so much to do”  

This is a list where you write down the five most important things that you must do on a daily basis to move forward with your projects, to get closer to achieve a goal whatever that goal may be. I have been using this for many years now and it has changed my life completely. 

If any of your readers would like to have access to it, they can email at using the title “Jugglers List” and we will send it to them free of charge.

What other projects do you have in the pipeline? Any news to share with us?! 

I am in the process of launching my online product called “21-Day Transformation Program for a Balanced Life”. This program consists of 9 video- lessons where you receive one by one every three days and it gives you tools to help you do what you need to do in order to create more balance in your life.

Also I’ve started my research for my second book which hopefully will be ready by the end of this year. 

About The Author

Penelope Magoulianiti, author, book, interview, Q and A, guest post, author interview, 'Women, Motherhood & Independence: A Guide to Financial Freedom, Beauty & Confidence After Birth', Living Life Our Way
Penelope Magoulianiti

Penelope Magoulianiti used to work as a private banker for many years. From a very young age, she had to face many challenges, both financial and social. The challenges she faced through those difficult times make her more determined to succeed in life.

When she became a mom, she felt the urgency to pass to her own children a legacy that they would be proud of. She wanted to become a good example for her son and daughter; a successful businesswoman, and entrepreneur dedicating her life to helping her fellow women in becoming successful in their niche.

With the economy getting worse every year and the corporate world looking not so promising, she finally took the decision to quit her job and move forward in creating her own business. Her dream to help other women in gaining their financial independence while being good mothers and living their lives more fully became her ultimate goal.

With her experience throughout her working life in the corporate world, the invaluable knowledge gained through her mentors, together with her home life as a wife and mother of two, Penelope delivers her message in a simple and to-the-point manner that will help women to regain their drive to succeed and the determination to conquer their dreams and ambitions.

Penelope’s book Women, Motherhood & Independence: A Guide to Financial Freedom, Beauty & Confidence After Birth is available in Kindle and paperback version on Amazon

You can find Penelope here:


Facebook: Women.Motherhood.and.Independence

Twitter: @penelopem0809

About the Book

Penelope Magoulianiti, author, book, interview, Q and A, guest post, author interview, 'Women, Motherhood and Independence: A Guide to Financial Freedom, Beauty and Confidence After Birth', Living Life Our Way
Women, Motherhood & Independence: A Guide to Financial Freedom, Beauty & Confidence After Birth

This book is intended to help all of Women who wish to continue living their dreams, achieving their goals and becoming successful without having to compromise their dreams and desires because of Motherhood.

In this book you will find strategies and ideas that you can apply to your life daily in order to stay on top of things, become more creative, more energetic, and healthier irrespective of how much sleep you have managed the night before.

It will encourage and guide you to step out of your comfort zone and claim what is rightfully yours… your success, your financial freedom, your confidence, and beauty. 

It is my belief that we can achieve anything we want, in life if we are clear about what it is that we want, make a commitment to become successful, and then take the necessary steps and actions required to achieve that success. 

Women, Motherhood and Independence will help you reclaim your life and assist you in finding your own success path post childbirth. 

 After reading this book you will be able to:

Set goals and actually achieve them

Get things done on time 

Become financially independent

Lose weight, becoming more energetic and healthy

Gain confidence 

Become a good role model to your kids

Help improve your relationship with your spouse

Whether you are already in a career, you have your business, you would like to start a new business, or you just want to be more present and engage more in family life and activities, Women, Motherhood and Independence will help you utilize your talents, become more focused and achieve more in less time with less stress.

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of Women, Motherhood and Independence enter via the rafflecopter app below. 

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Competition closes on 24th February 2017. The winner will receive an e-book version of ‘Women, Motherhood and Independence’ by Penelope Magoulianiti. T&Cs apply. 

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