About us

Hi, I’m Katie and my daughter is ‘Squiggle’ (this is her nickname because, like many others, I do not use her real name for the purpose of this blog to protect her privacy). We live in a city in Hertfordshire, just north of London, with our two cats and two bunnies (our furbabies). We love being outdoors in nature and exploring.

Before becoming a parent, I was a primary teacher and SENCo. However, I now home educate Squiggle, as this best suits her individual needs. We have both learned so very much from each other on this journey, I feel truly blessed.

Squiggle dreams of owning an allotment one day where we can have a proper attempt at growing our own food. She also wants to see a real walrus one day. Oh, and an elephant seal! I have travelled a little but I still want to explore the rest of the world; there are so amazing experiences to be had. For example, I would like to see the Northern Lights, stand with one foot each side of the equator, visit the waterfalls in Iceland, go whale watching… My list seems to expand daily! In particular though, we want to travel around USA more extensively. Squiggle would particularly adore seeing the sealions on the Californian coast (especially at San Francisco Bay) and I am sure she would love Monterey Bay Aquarium as much as I do too.

If you would like to work with us, we are very open to collaboration on projects that fit with our passions and philosophy, so if you think we could work together we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch at livinglifeourway@outlook.com or via any of my social media pages. Thank you.


Thanks for reading and following our journey. Enjoy!



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  1. we are hoping to go to California this summer. My daughter (age 5) has never been! (I have a 7.5 year old too)