6 Amazing Reasons To Visit Azores

The Autonomous Region of the Azores is a region of Portugal composed on nine volcanic islands in the Macaronesia region of the North Atlantic, located approximately 1,300km from the coast of Portugal. Through clever use of geothermic and wind sources, the islands are an incredible source of clean renewable energy. As a result, the ecosystem of the region is consistently maintained and looked after by its inhabitants.

The Azores have steadily become one of the most sustainable travel destinations in the world. This comes in no small part from its dedication to green energy sources, the conservation efforts of wildlife both on land and at sea, and a host of regulated and preserved natural locations for enthusiasts to visit. Infact the whole region understands its position alongside the natural world and as such, The Azores Islands are a very desirable travel location for those looking for eco-minded tourist destinations.

6 Amazing Reasons To Visit Azores. Eco travel. Green energy. Wind energy. Clean energy


Here are my six reasons why Azores could be for you…

Eco Efficient Travel Options

If you’re looking to take the most eco-efficient approach, you don’t have to take plane. Sure enough, there many of the islands have international airports and the option for domestic flights between.

However, you can find cruises that include the Azores as a destination, as well as ferries to traverse between the islands. So, you can skip the aeroplane approach to both arriving and visiting altogether if you have the time and resources available to you. Of course, on the isles themselves there are a variety of options including walking and cycling.

A Personalised Touch

The Azores Islands aren’t about mass consumerism. Whilst there are a few, if it’s what you’re looking for, there are few large-scale hotel options. Instead, things are generally smaller in scale; more intimate. That’s not to say there’s no commercialised element but rather that much is done to keep the experience smaller and more personalised. So, rather than endless hotel chains, there are a number of smaller inns scattered about the various islands. Perfect for those who are uncomfortable in busy, crowded spaces.

The options are there, whatever you need.

So Many Options in Azores

Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in the Azores. If you’re looking to keep active, there’s windsurfing, scuba diving, kayaking and so much more. Equally, there’s a world to explore and investigate or other places to just relax and chill. Whatever you want from your trip, be sure to visit Voyage Privé website and find a package that best suits your sensibilities.

The Natural World

If you love the natural world, this is a destination for you. Each island is unique in its terrain, culture, and options. For those keen to explore, there are dormant volcanos, thick forests, diverse wildlife, and fantastic cave formations.

Azores. Natural environment.

Azores Culture

If you’re looking to see how the Azores went from 15th century settlement into a 21st century eco inspiration, then there a number of World Heritage sites worth a visit.

Beyond that, there are also a number of museums and physical landmarks that help to communicate the deep and rich background of the region. Naturally, this varies from island-to-island; so, to get the complete picture you’d certainly want to cover as much ground as possible.

Interestingly, the museums take an honest approach to the history of the region. Even the grimmer aspects. So, be sure to plan accordingly, if you’re likely to be triggered by the harsher realities of marine history and farming.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Orcas and Blue Whales both call the region home. These amazing and majestic creatures of the ocean can be viewed by boat as they pass through.

The waters are also populated by pods of migrating dolphins that are frequently seen leaping into the air as they pass by.

More Reasons to Love Azores

These are just half a dozen great reasons to visit Azores. There are many more reasons why it would make a brilliant travel destinaton for you next trip!


*This is a collaborative post

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  1. What a lovely post, sounds wonderful! I’d love to go whale watching and those photos look amazing! Lots of great activities that I would like to try. The water looks so serene, calm and quiet.


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