5 Ways Home Zoning Can Reduce Your Utility Bill

Home zoning is the process of sectioning your home into separate areas that can be individually controlled by your HVAC unit. With a different thermostat setting for each zone, you can customize the comfort of your home while decreasing your energy usage and lowering your utility bills. If you are frustrated by the high cost to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home, especially if a large part of your home is often unoccupied, consider the benefits of setting up zones to regulate climates and costs.

5 Ways Home Zoning Can Reduce Your Utility Bill

Increased Efficiency

Many spaces in our homes are not used as regularly as others and therefore don’t demand the same temperature requirements as common areas and other often used places. For example, the bedrooms should be kept warmer at night, but the rest of the house can stay cooler. With home zoning, your HVAC system can successfully maintain the desired temperatures in the bedrooms at night without wasting energy to regulate the climate in the rest of the house. This can greatly reduce energy consumption and lower your utility bills.

Direct Air Where You Need It

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Image via Flickr by digitaldelusionphotography

Easily target areas of your home that would directly benefit from higher or lower temperatures. For example, you can easily cool down the kitchen after preparing dinner to create a comfortable setting for dining. Not only are you spending much less energy to unnecessarily heat or cool the entire house, but also providing flexibility for your family’s desired level of comfort.

Block Off Unused Rooms

With home zoning, it’s a quick process to turn off the heating and cooling functions in rooms that aren’t being used. There’s no need to incur extra costs on your utility bills to control the climate in empty rooms. If the unused rooms are all in one area of the home, it’s easy to create a zone to quickly modify the temperature of all rooms at once.

Single Unit for Multiple Zones

Contrary to what you might think, you only need one HVAC system to administer all of the zones in your home. Modern systems can multitask in many zones without needing to use additional units for backup. When running only one HVAC system selectively, only where and when you need it, your utility bills can dramatically decrease.

Smaller System Options

Depending on the number and size of zones you create in your home, you may be able to invest in a much smaller HVAC system. A smaller unit will still be able to perform the functions of each home zoning area but will use much less energy even if it is running more often in individual zones.

For help in planning your home zoning system and to learn how it can help you reduce energy consumption and costs, call the HVAC service experts at Custom Air Company to schedule an in-home consultation. An experienced technician can evaluate your home, your current HVAC system compatibility, and discuss various options to keep you and your family comfortable in every area of your home.

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