5 Signs that It’s Time for an Eye Exam

When you find yourself squinting to read a street sign, that is an obvious indicator that your eyesight isn’t what it once was and that you should book an eye exam. But sometimes it’s less obvious and it is important to know what to look out for. Here are five signs that it’s time to see an optometrist…

1. Problems at the Computer

If you find yourself hunching forward to read the computer screen in your office clearly, or having to hold a book further away in order to focus on the words on the page, it could be a sign that you have nearsightedness or farsightedness. In other words, you can see objects clearly at a distance but have problems focusing on them closeup, or vice versa. If this is a continual issue, then it’s more than just being tired some days. In this case, make an appointment for an eye exam.

2. Recurring Headaches

You may be experiencing eye strain that is causing the headaches, as well as discomfort around the eye area. Typically, the headaches occur because of improper ability to focus; whether it is that you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism. If you are using your eyes for a task and find that you get a headache after a while, get an eye exam.

The eye doctor may recommend that you wear eyeglasses. There are many great styles of frames available in a range of colors from leading brands, such as Ray Ban glasses. Find a pair that you love and enjoy having a headache-free day.

 5 Signs that It’s Time for an Eye Exam

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3. Transitioning from Dark to Light is Difficult

Do you notice that your eyes take a while to adjust to the light after being in a tunnel or another dark area? Whilst this is typical to a degree, eyes usually adjust to the transition quickly; if it takes longer, it could be that the muscles in your eyes that help the iris contract are not functioning at their best. While it might be part of aging, it’s worth seeing an optometrist to know if there is more to the issue here.

4. Wavy Eyesight

Do you find that when you’re focusing on something with straight lines, such as the window blinds, that they start to look wavy? They might look almost like they are beneath water. If you notice that this problem is happening regularly, it could signal macular degeneration. Vision reduction can be the result.

5. Double Vision

Also known as diplopia, double vision can be due to an infection in the cornea that distorts the light coming in. Another reason for it could be a problem with the lens of the eye or the muscles.

With double vision, you might see objects side by side, or they might be vertical instead (one on top of the other). Getting a prescription for eyewear can be the solution, but as every case is unique, it’s important to see an optometrist to determine the best course of action.

On Eye Exams and Your Health

Just as you would normally go to the GP for an exam, it’s also good to see an eye specialist regularly. Then you will know the details of your eye health, including if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses. This can relieve other unnecessary health problems, avoid sight deterioration and help lead the most fulfilling life possible.

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