5 Reasons to Visit Toronto 

Known for its diverse population, varied foodie scene and cultural tourism; Toronto, the largest city in Canada, is a popular travel destination. Viewed by some as Canada’s New York (which does it a huge disservice) the city is a must visit metropolis for travellers looking to explore and appreciate the world. But, with a planet of possibilities, why should Toronto be the next destination you choose to visit? Find out…

Thriving Live Music Scene

It’s no secret that I love live music and this Canadian city is renowned for its vibrant and varied music scene. So whatever type of music you’re into, Toronto has you covered. Notable places worth a visit are The Cameron House, The Phoenix Concert Theatre, The Phoenix Concert Club, Horseshoe Tavern and The Danforth Music Hall.

Multinational pop acts, small rock indies, dance and even Latin or Jazz; all genres have arenas, clubs and venues worth your time and effort. Be sure to plan ahead and make the most of the musical possibilities available to you.

Fun with Food

If culinary travel is your thing, then Toronto might already be on your radar. The main reason the Canadian city is a foodie hotspot is the sheer overwhelming number of options. The multicultural population means you can get both authentic and regionalised versions of numerous cuisines.

Greek, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and Korean restaurants are all vast, and differ from each other. No two places to visit are the same, and all kinds of dietary interests and requirements are lovingly catered for. Infact,  the vegan, veggie and gluten-free food scene is top-tier and is famously among the most varied of its kind worldwide.


Toronto Art and Culture

Toronto boasts an incredible culture focused around creative pursuits. The city is jam-packed full of museums and galleries, record stores, and much more. So if you’re interested in design houses, art exhibitions, or historic pursuits, then be sure to spend time in any of the awesome art-focused districts in Toronto.

Depending on what time of year you go there is also a bustling festival scene too. In June, there is a 17 day festival called Luminato; a celebration of the visual, media and performance arts that invites artists the world over and celebrates their achievements in all kinds of ways all over the city.

Toronto Nightlife

Londoners who love the capital’s after-hours scene will find a lot to appreciate in Toronto. The city has an incredible range of pubs and bars, as well as the aforementioned arenas and clubs.

If you are looking for an entertainment getaway, Queen West is the neighbourhood to stay at. Full of bars, boutique hotels, arcades and a whole host of entertainment options; this is where all the parties are at.

Toronto night

City Tourism without City Tourists (Sort Of)

Of course, Toronto has tourists and the city is as sprawling and densely populated as you would expect. However, the tourism population in Toronto is not as overly condensed as London or NYC often feel. This means that attractions like Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Islands, and the CN Tower are all much more welcoming and comfortable than you may think, without too much hustle and bustle.

Don’t Miss Out on Toronto

It’s apparent that Toronto has something for everyone. Don’t miss out by failing to include this delightful Canadian city in your vacation considerations. So why not treat yourself and go find cheap flights to Toronto next chance you get; make the most of the amazing experiences the city has to offer!

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