4 Ways To Get Better Sleep

Sleep is important! Getting that vital amount of rest could mean the difference between having an awesome tomorrow, or a really bad next day. Aside from that, getting the correct amount of sleep is vital to one’s own health and well-being. Improper amounts of sleep can have devastating effects. Sometimes people have trouble sleeping through the night, but there are many different methods and tips they can explore to get the most restful sleep possible.

4 Ways To Get Better Sleep

Breathing Techniques

For those who have a hard time falling asleep, breathing techniques might just do the trick! Sometimes we find ourselves too wound up to slumber, but how you breathe can make all the difference. The 4-7-8 technique, for example, is highly effective in relaxing oneself. Simply breathe in for 4 seconds, hold it in for 7 seconds, then exhale slowly with your lips pursed for about 8 seconds. Repeating this three to four times will definitely bring you at ease, making sleep come that much easier.

Air Purifier

Air purifiers are also a good measure in helping with restful sleep. Depending on one’s own living conditions, the air that you breathe could be preventing you from getting meaningful rest, with conditions being too stuffy, making it hard to breathe. For this, an air purifier will come in handy, cleaning the surrounding air of dust and other tiny airborne objects. Just be mindful that their filters will need to be changed eventually, otherwise they’ll lose effectiveness. For questions concerning maintenance, check out Jaguar Heating and Air and learn about HVAC upkeep.

Melatonin and Supplements

Melatonin is a hormone that helps with sleeping, but some bodies are naturally better at producing it than others. For example, it is common for autistic people to lack this vital ingredient for good sleep. But there are many forms you can get melatonin from if you need a boost. It’s naturally occurring in many fruits and vegetables; like tomatoes, corn, and grapes. Likewise, there are also melatonin pills one can take if needed. In the UK a prescription is required, whereas in some other countries, such as USA, they can be purchased over the counter. There are also other supplements that can aid relaxation and restful sleep too.


Cushions. Image via Flickr by Krassy Can Do It

Image via Flickr by Krassy Can Do It

Finally, comfort in one’s own bed is a good key component for getting sound sleep. Many factors fall into this specifically, from the temperature of the room, to the firmness or softness of the mattress, to how comfy the sheets and pillows are. For example, if you find you constantly wake up sweating in the middle of the night, consider upgrading to a mattress for hot sleepers. Everyone’s different, and has their own preference, so it’s important to find your own, learn it, and capitalize on what you like to get the best, comforting sleep.

Losing sleep is normal especially if you’re too stressed or anxious. However, if you’ve been having sleeping problems for quite some time, it may be an indicator of a sleeping disorder. In which case, the best course of action is to visit your doctor immediately or see a sleep specialist. You can get diagnosed and receive treatment or a sleep aid device or machine to rest better at night and stay healthy. 

Taking all these factors into account, the combinations of all things listed here can result in a better night’s sleep. Breathing techniques can help one relax with relative ease. Air purifiers can assure that what you’re breathing is clean air, along with controlling your ideal sleep climate. Supplements can be a useful tool to get near instant sleep. Comfort, above all else, is greatly important to maximize rest.

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. An Air Purifier sounds like something that I could benefit from, not only to help with my sleeping but also for my asthma.


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