100 Days of Home Ed #LoveHomeEd – Day 27 (Melo)


My name is Melody Dixon, most call me Melo. I have two boys, Gabriel who’s 4 in April and Noah who’s 18months. Along with hubby, Tom, we live on a narrowboat and move up and down the Grand Union Canal. We lived on the boat since Gabriel was 18 months.

How long have you home educated for and what made you decide to do it?

We have been home educating for the last year or so. I met a fellow boater who informed me a bit more about what it all is and suggested joining some community groups on Facebook and meet some more families who home educate. I attended a few of the meet ups and decided that it would make life on the canal so much easier and I could stop worrying about what school I should pick and where. I could stop worrying about how I’d get the school run done.

Describe your home ed style. Do you have a ‘typical’ week and what does it include if so?

Our home ed journey is just beginning and we don’t have a style as yet. For now, the day goes around what the weather is like, what transport we have and what Gabriel wants to learn about. He likes doing workbooks and making crafts. I try and see the learning in everything we do as there usually is and you don’t have to look very hard.

What was your highlight of home ed last week?

This week we were exploring shapes, how they can fit together and what we can build with it. A lot of lego was involved with the shapes of squares and rectangles.

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What is your favourite thing about home edding your child/ren?
At the moment it is getting spend time with them when they are young. Not missing out on their development for 6-8 hours a day. I also like that we don’t have to be at specific location at a set time every day as we’re usually always late!

What do you find most difficult and why?

Equally to liking all the time together this can also get a bit much, especially on super wet, cold days as we are all in such a small space. There are often squabbles about “squishing me” or models from duplo or lego getting broken as both boys try and claim some territory for themselves, often the same patch in front of the toy storage.

What advice would you give to other home educators?

Don’t be afraid to be more structured in early ages, e.g. pre-school. If your little one shows interested in learning then help them, facilitate it. Just because they are not “meant to” start school or nursery till they’re 3 or 4 doesn’t mean they can’t learn. My experience has taught me that they can learn so much at this age if you help them and you don’t have to be a teacher or have all the answers. Google and pinterest is great for helping you to give them answers and fun way to learn.

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