100 Days of Home Ed #LoveHomeEd – Day 25 (Our Round-Up So Far)

So we are now 1/4 of the way through the #100daysofhomeed challenge! I thought this might be a good time to do a brief round-up of some of the activities we have done since the challenge started. No doubt there is a tonne of stuff I have forgotten but here are a few of the things we have been doing…


  • Punctuation and grammar – Squiggle was reading the side of a cereal packet whilst having a snack. She asked about the use of apostrophies, which she has now been using correctly since. It also led onto further discussions about punctuation and grammar, and covered alot of ground! I love how such amazing valuable learning opportunities can arise naturally from even the simplest of everyday tasks.
  • Writing – Squiggle wrote some tips on green living/ protecting the environment.
  • Scrabble – We played this for the first time recently, great for spelling!
  • Squiggle has written lots of letters to her friends and characters, and wrote cards for Valentines Day.
  • She also frequently writes shopping lists etc…
  • Squiggle regularly writes her own stories.


  • Squiggle has written a list of some of our maths resources and we have played most of these games/ activities since the challenge started.
  • Valentines Day – Squiggle did lots of themed maths activities from the Twinkl website.
  • Squiggle has been playing shops;  involving real money, working out cost/ change etc…

  • Science Experiments/ STEM

    • Squiggle has been doing some of our Dyson STEM challenge cards, including ‘invisible writing’ with lemon juice and using coke to make coppers shiny.
    • We have also experimented with growing crystals.
    • Squiggle figured out how to make herself a basic microphone using household objects using her knowledge and understanding of sound, vibrations, amplification etc…

    STEM, science, #100daysofhomeed, #LoveHomeEd, 100 days of home ed, activities at home, freedom to learn, Home EducationScience experiments/ STEM challenges


    • Squiggle has been learning more about different countries and continents.

    Geography, maps, continents, #100daysofhomeed, #LoveHomeEd, 100 days of home ed, activities at home, freedom to learn, Home EducationGeographyGeography, maps, continents, #100daysofhomeed, #LoveHomeEd, 100 days of home ed, activities at home, freedom to learn, Home Education


    • Squiggle has been creating some digital art on my phone using PicsArt app.
    • She has written alot of emails to myself and her dad.
    • She has typed lists etc…
    • We use the internet together for research.

    Digital art, Pics Art, technology, #100daysofhomeed, #LoveHomeEd, 100 days of home ed, activities at home, freedom to learn, Home EducationDigital art

    Creative activities 


    •  Squiggle has played lots of sports in the garden and we have also been to the athletics track too.


    • Squiggle has been to her regular music class.
    • She has been putting on performances at home, including singing with her new mic!

    Days out etc…

    Places to visit, Whipsnade, zoo, #100daysofhomeed, #LoveHomeEd, 100 days of home ed, Days Out, freedom to learn, Home EducationWhipsnade Zoo

    • Nature Walks – We have enjoyed countryside walks observing the earliest signs of Spring.
    • We have been to parks and playgrounds.
    • Garden Centres – We loved seeing the wildlife and the wood carving sculptures outside this garden centre.
    Vanstone Park, garden centre, wooden sculptures, #100daysofhomeed, #LoveHomeEd, 100 days of home ed, activities at home, Days Out, freedom to learn, Home Education
    Garden Centre

    Life Skills

    • Squiggle has earned money by doing tasks. She has a Go Henry account and has been using that to learn about having an account/ dealing with money.
    • We have also discussed the basics of running a business. She then practised some elements of this by ‘hiring’ me to do things (such as drawing her a picture for example) which I then invoiced her for, and she paid me – and vice versa. 
    • We talked about other aspects of running a business too, such as making ethical and eco-friendly choices, and we even discussed giving back to the community / helping others by giving x % profit to charity. 

    There are loads more things I’m sure but that’s all I can think of right now!

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