10 Ways to Finance What You Need

Finance is something almost everyone worries about sometimes, especially if you can’t afford what you really need. Try these practical tips for solving financial shortfalls

10 Ways to Finance What You Need


Surely someone wants all that junk in your garage? And maybe they have precisely what you need too. There are plenty of sites and Facebook groups offering ways to swap things with your neighbours. This could get you want you need by trading things; a possible alternative to finding the money for it.

Use Freecycle

Freecycle is a great way of offloading the stuff you don’t want. However, you can also snap up some cool stuff through it. It might be just the place to find whatever it is you need.

Get Creative

Try to consider whether you can find an alternative way around some things you are short on money for. How else can you manage the situation? If you can’t afford a car for example, can you carpool with someone you know who’s going the same way every day? If you need a sofa, can you manage with comfy rugs and giant cushions for a bit? It doesn’t have to be forever, it just needs to do the job while you find the money. If you can find an alternative solution, or figure out how to do without something, this can be helpful.

Borrow From Family and Friends

Never overlook the simple power of borrowing from family and friends. Just be careful not to ask anyone you’re likely to fall out with over it. This could mean either borrowing the actual thing needed, or the money to pay for it.

Get An Advance

It’s worth asking your employer if they will do this. Some may have policies forbidding it, but you’ll never know unless you ask. If you are claiming benefits, in some circumstances they can offer an advance too.

Claim On Your Insurance

That’s what it’s for! If you need money for a vet’s bill for your cat and you have pet insurance in place, use it. Some with household items that might need replacing for reasons covered in contents or household insurance.

Get Help From A Charity

There are lots of charities that can help you access what you need, or sometimes provide you with a grant. Load up Google and do some research.

Take Out A Personal Bank Loan

If there’s no way you’re going to buy something on your own income, you may have to consider a loan. Shop around for the best ones, and watch how much interest you’ll have to pay.

Peer-to-Peer Loans

A peer-to-peer loan is like a bank loan, but it involves a website where users borrow from each other. You’ll need a good credit score, though. And be warned, any missed repayments will bring your credit score down.

Apply For Car Finance

If it is a new car you need, specialist car finance is the best way to finance the purchase. There are many kinds available, and an expert in the field will know what will suit you best. Try somewhere like TradePriceCars.

No matter what your situation, try not to panic. Try these great tips, and work out how to get what is needed.

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  1. Hadnt heard of freecycle before, will defo check it out! Always good to thing of different way to not waste your money!


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