A Quick Cuppa With… The Opinionated Dad

Hi all, how are you? How has your week been? What are your plans for this weekend? Well, as it’s Friday and time to wind down, grab yourself a brew (I know, I know, most of my readers are assuming at this time on a Friday evening that must be a typo for wine or pint, or possibly even cocktail… 😉 lol) Anyway, get whatever takes your fancy and ‘meet’ The Opinionated Dad

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Tell me about yourself…

I am a 29 almost 30 year old dad and husband. I am quite a shy person if I am face to face. I think that’s why I enjoy blogging as I don’t have the face to face interaction. I think I am a good dad and husband. I do try my hardest. I am domesticated, knowing how to use the washing machine and dishwasher in our house is essential. At the moment I am a full time stay at home dad and carer to my wonderful wife.

Tell me about your blog. What inspired you to start it? Are you really as opinionated as the name suggests?!

I started my blog as a way of helping with communication issues I have. I’m not a big talker but I can talk better from behind a keyboard. I am opinionated but it’s mainly just in my head. I don’t think the world is ready for it to come out yet. I just thought that I would use the term opinionated as I have a lot of opinions on everything. One inspiration was reading what the Unmumsy Mum writes, I know I’m nothing like her but thought I would share some of my mind with the world.

Name one random fact about yourself.

A random fact….the only thing that comes to mind is I secretly enjoy watching Disney films like ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration I would have to say is my wife and daughter. They are my life, my world and without them i would have nothing. I try to see a post in things we do everyday either together or by just observing them. I like to write what’s on my mind and the unmumsy mum has helped me do that by not caring that others might judge what she writes.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

The best advice I had been given must be to get as much sleep as possible before our baby came. However I didn’t listen and the first few months were horrific with lack of sleep. My wife and I even stayed up in shifts to try and combat the fatigue. I must be a glutton for punishment as I am going to be doing it all over again.

Any tips for other dads? Or bloggers? Or dad bloggers?!

My biggest tip is just be yourself. Don’t overthink and let your instincts take over. That can be applied to blogging as well. When you start writing just let it flow and get the article wrote out. You can always go back and edit it if you need to.

Where is your absolute favourite place in the whole world?

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite place really as long as I am with my family I am happy. If I had to pick a location though I would have to say in bed. I love sleeping and I tend to stay up too late and end up getting on average 4-6hrs sleep a night and sometimes I just want to sleep in.

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’?

In my free time I like to just chill out on the sofa with a strong coffee in my hand, a good TV show on and cuddles with my wife. That is when I’m not blogging mind.

What are your favourite family activities?

My favourite family activity has to be going to soft play. Not for my daughter, just so I can jump around and act a fool in there. I am almost 30 and the bigest kid at heart.

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

My favourite outdoor place would be the park just round the corner. Sophia loves the park and always asks to go. She enjoys the slide and swings. I have a go on them everytime we go too.

Find more about his adventures here…

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A Quick Cuppa With… Mumma and Co

Hi everyone!

I’m back for a quick cuppa with fellow blogger Laura! So grab yourself a brew and read all about her lovely family of six below…

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My name is Laura, I’m 24 and a mother to two children – Alfie, 7 and Holly who is almost 12 months old. We are a family of 6 including my fiance and his two boys. We live in the south coast and enjoy long walks, adventures and beating each other on Sonic racing. (I always win, of course.)

Living Life Our Way, blogger, interview, Q and A, guest post, A Quick Cuppa With, Mumma and Co

Tell me about your blog. What is the main theme? What inspired you to start it?

My blog is a motherhood, parenting and lifestyle blog. I mainly cover things which are parenting based, my own experiences and I try to use as much helpful information as I can to help others. I did try to make it more of a ‘crafty’ blog, but I am absolutely awful at crafts, so I guess my dream to become a cool, Pinterest mum will never work out! I wanted to start a blog years ago but never got round to actually starting one. I did finally start up my blog in summer last year, and it’s the best decision I made!

Do you blog full time or do you work as well? How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

I’d say I blog part time, for now. I do have my current job and I work there 3 days a week. I find it really hard trying to juggle my time, with two kids, work and household chores! The only tips which I would give would be to try and figure out how you’re able to manage your time wisely. The only time I am able to sit down at the laptop with a cup of tea when Alfie is at school and Holly is napping, or in the evening when they’re both in bed. It’s good to keep yourself in a strict routine so you don’t fall behind.

Name one random fact about yourself.

My blood type changes in pregnancy!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I don’t actually have one! I mean, I guess I have a girl crush on Selena Gomez.. can she be my inspiration? Haha!

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Probably “sleep when the baby sleeps” is the best piece of advice I’ve ever received! After having Holly, my house was an absolute bomb site, but I’m so glad I slept whenever I could. I didn’t spend any time worrying about the state of my house & I felt so much better for it.

Where is your absolute favourite place in the whole world?

Probably Ireland, my mum and sted-dad immigrated there two years ago and I love going there to visit! Everyone is so friendly, it’s peaceful and some of the scenaries are incredible.

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’?

I like to relax when the kids are in bed by getting into my pyjamas, grabbing a glass of wine, putting a face mask on and watching a film! Ah, bliss.

What are your favourite family activities?

Our favourite activities are probably playing football at the park! (me vs. 4 boys doesn’t always go down well).

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

My favourite outdoor place to visit is probably Lulworth Cove, we walk from there all the way to Durdle Door! Despite me almost having an asthma attack half way, it really is a lovely day out, especially when the sun is shining!

Find out more about Mumma and Co’s adventures here:
Mumma & Co
Instagram: @_mummaandco

A Quick Cuppa With… Abi Bumbles

Today’s cuppa is with Abi, who has one foot on either side of the blogging world. Yet both feet are also in Wales, and also often on skates! Read on to find out what the heck I am talking about 😉

A Quick Cuppa With, blogger, guest post, interview, Q and A


I’m Abi. I’m 27 and live in North Wales. Not the super pretty bit with mountains and claims of dragons, but a sort of nice, large village. I share my abode with my husband and two Jack Russells. They’re all silly and I love them to pieces, even if between them they chew too many things and get annoyed at me for forgetting to do anything around the house. You might be able to figure out which does which.

I’m a PR with marketing agency and do my damnedest to not be one of the awful ones that gets ripped to shreds in blogger groups. I’m on both sides of the blogger world so end up with some pretty good insights. But that also means that no one really wants to listen thinking I might be biased. Still, it’s enjoyable and I’ve learnt a heck of a lot from all the flipping amazing bloggers out there.

I am, unsurprisingly, a feminist and am making efforts to live a more body positive life as well. These are topics I cover on my blog a lot because the conversations matter. I try to be as open minded as I possibly can, but hate for the sake of it is not something I can abide.

I’m also a bit tattooed because I think they’re super pretty. I’m starting on a half sleeve in February which I am excited and terrified about. I also blog about tattoos a lot because I find them fascinating and I think the more information available, the better..

Name one random fact about yourself.

I play a sport called Roller Derby, for a team imaginatively named North Wales Roller Derby. For those that don’t know, and that’s most people, it’s played on roller skates, on an ovaloid track, it’s full-contact, and no, you cannot elbow people in the face. It’s one of the most inclusive sports I have ever comes across, with women (and men) of every shape and size you can imagine coming together to make a team. There really is a place in the game for every shape of person, from super petite size 2s to big women who want to throw their incredible hips around.

I started playing at 23 and I couldn’t skate at all, could barely stand, and now I’m fully in the sport – on a team and learning to ref. If you’re up for the challenge and aren’t afraid to fall over then it’s the best thing you could get involved with.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

This is a hard question. I guess in recent years, my other half has had a massive impact on my life. We went through some tough stuff a year and a half ago which tested us to our limits and beyond. But we got through it. We survived and I can’t help but be inspired by him. He helps me find my better side when I forget it’s there.

Tell me about your blog. What is the main theme? What inspired you to start it?

I mentioned a bit already about the sort of topics I cover. It’s a mixed bag – well and truly a lifestyle blog. I do muse upon topics somewhat and maybe tend to border on train-of-thought writing, but I enjoy that.

I attempted to do Blogmas, with no prep, and that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I wrote a makeup review, stuff on days out, and even a film review or two. I failed Blogmas after 13 days, but I wrote a post about that too – silver linings and all that.

I’ve been sporadically blogging for the past few years but never managed to stick at it more than a few weeks, each time forgetting how much work it is. But I began my PR job in August last year and began blogging in earnest. I spent hours researching bloggers and matching them to campaigns, chatting to them, editing with them – the whole shebang. I realised that I loved it. I’ve always enjoyed writing and seeing behind the scenes made me realise I could do it. Thank you blogging world!

Do you blog full time or do you work as well? How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

I work full-time so my compromise with myself is to post a minimum of once a week. It’s about all I am willing to dedicate to it at the moment. I’ve tried to do it more in the past but failed because it started to feel like a job. While it’s be great to get the the point of earning from my blog it is primarily a hobby.

My advice, leading on from that, is – as fun as it is to throw yourself into blogging, make sure you keep the enjoyment. If posting once a week is all you can do without going mad – so be it. If writing about hair colour is what gets you going – do that. There are no hard and fast rules, so make your own.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

I’ll put my PR hat on here and give some advice I’m dying to say but always hold back on – if you can’t do a post you’ve agreed to, tell them. Don’t ignore emails, or make up whatever excuse, or even ghost us (yes, it’s happened), be straight up and cancel on us. That way a PR can find someone else and not bother you for a month about something you don’t want to do. When a blogger does cancel, I’m not heartbroken and I don’t resent them. I’m actually really likely to use them again for a different topic – I trust them because they were professional. But when I’m put in a position to chase and pester, I probably won’t because I don’t have time and don’t want to peeve people off.

I always say that I’m willing to help in anyway I can, and I mean it. My job isn’t to yell at you until you do something, it’s have a professional relationship we both benefit from. Bloggers and PRs both need the other, so let’s be pals.

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’?

I pretty much like being sedentary when I have free time. And eating. Telly, lying down and eating. I suppose this is where I should say more about my love of blogging and roller derby, but I’m going to go with laziness instead.

Since Living Life Our Way is a family lifestyle blog, I’d love to hear more about yours…

What are your favourite family activities?

My family consists of two hyper dogs and big, slightly clumsy, man, so our favourite things to do together are play fight and take long walks. I guess that works for kids too if they’re particularly feisty.

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

My grandparents live along a canal just down from the World Heritage site The Froncysyllte Aqueduct. I also used to work on one of the boats doing tourist trips across it and when I visit still like to go for a wander along it. Despite knowing it so well I love walking across it – the views are amazing all year round and there’s always the fun of people terrified of the heights.

Best family day out?

I don’t know if I’m qualified for this question but I am very eager to try Bounce Below. It’s an old mining cave that has been turned into a multi-level trampoline park. It’s beautiful and fun and scary – what kid wouldn’t love that?

Thank you for taking part!

Read more from Abi here:

Blog: www.abibumbles.com

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A Quick Cuppa With… Hansla 

Today’s cuppa is with 20 year old Hannah. She is a student studying medicine, and is a massive formula one fan! And you can find my Q&A answers over on her blog now too – thank you Hannah for having me over!

A Quick Cuppa With, Hansla, blogger, guest post, interview, Q and A, Living Life Our Way


I’m Hannah and I’m 20 years old from Yorkshire in England. I’m currently living in London while I’m studying Medicine at University College London. I love my family, animals (growing up on a farm will do that!), books and most of all, babies!

A Quick Cuppa With, Hansla, blogger, guest post, interview, Q and A, Living Life Our Way

Name one random fact about yourself.

I’m a massive, obsessed Formula One FAN!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Jenson Button is a massive idol for me. He’s a Formula One driver and he’s been through so much. When I read his autobiography of his 2009 winning championship season I saw how much strength he had behind the scenes to even secure a drive for the season, let alone a win.

The past few years, his courage dealing with his father’s death in such a public way has been awe inspiring and then in addition to that, his simple positivity while driving a non-competitive car has shown his commitment and dedication to his career and passion. I hope I can only continue to apply the same to my own life and career.

Tell me about your blog. What is the main theme? What inspired you to start it?

My blog is simply about me. I started writing 2 blogs originally, one more public and one more personal (diary entry like). It began as something to document my life but over time I fell in love with sharing my thoughts and ideas and I liked to hear back from other people.

Now, it’s a whole array of topics including reviews (products, movies, TV shows, books, hauls, recipes, DIYs and my personal favourite, my Thursday Thoughts Series. I also include behind-the-scenes of my youTube channel vlogs. Anything and everything; a lifestyle and beauty blog all rolled into one!

Do you blog full time or do you work as well? How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

I blog part time but I don’t make any money out of it. I’m pretty busy with university study on a packed course so it’s defintely hard to juggle my time but I just write what I want, when I want to. I think that’s key. At the moment, it’s a hobby and when it stops being fun, I’ll stop writing.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

Everyone has a different opinion on everything but don’t let others change the way you think.

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’?

I love hanging out with family and friends. My favourite activities are bowling, eating out and going to the cinema…all in one day if possible! Usually, I have some downtown before bed and I either spend it catching up on TV, watching a film or reading a book – if I haven’t already exhausted my brain that day!

What are your favourite family activities?

I think being so close to my family, everything can be a family activity. I think my favourite is probably when we play a board game. Yes it usually ends in fights and arguments but that’s where we make the memories.

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

Oh gosh…my favourite place is the Sky Gardens in London which is like an outdoor place but inside. I’m not really a fan of the cold so it’s hard to pick in England but I defintely enjoyed the Yorkshire Sculpture park that I recently went to with my father and of course, every year I’ve been to the Great Yorkshire Show which I LOVE!

A Quick Cuppa With, Hansla, blogger, guest post, interview, Q and A, Living Life Our Way
Yorkshire sculpture park

Best family day out?

I feel like I’ll have more of an idea of this when I have my own family and I honestly can’t wait until I have children of my own. I’ve loved seeing my niece grow up in the 4 short years of her life and I can’t wait to see her little sibling (due June!) growing up right alongside her. I loved when we went to the zoo because she was in awe of the animals and seeing that joy is amazing.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to write in this series. It was so fun to read some of the previous bloggers answers! I would love if you came to visit me on any of my own social media! I hope you all have a great day 🙂

Find Hannah here….

Blog: hansla1000.blogspot.co.uk

Instagram: instagram.com/hansla1000/

Twitter: @hansla1000

YouTube: youtube.com/user/hansla1000

A Quick Cuppa With… Just Average Jen

Hi all, I hope you’re having a good weekend! Today, I have a wonderfully inspirational lady ‘over here’ for a cuppa. She writes a lifestyle and food blog after going on an immense weight loss journey. You should see her before and after pants! (Check out her IG for that!) But before I pass you over to Just Average Jen for our Q&A, I just want to take a mo to say a few things before I forget lol… 

Firstly, I hope you are all enjoying the guest series! Do leave them a little love if you get a mo and/ or hop over to find them on their own sites too. And thank you to everyone who has taken part so far, I love reading about different people!

Secondly, the next cuppa will be this Wednesday rather than Tuesday. Myself and Hansla will be doing a little interview swap too, so my own answers to this Q&A will be published over on her blog then – so fun!

Lastly, please drop me a line if you want to take part in this series; artists, authors, musicians, bloggers, charities, self- employed/ independents… you are all very welcome to take part! I would love for you to get involved!!! Drop me an email on livinglifeourway@outlook.com Thank you 🙂 x

Right, over to the interview…

A Quick Cuppa With, Just Average Jen, weight loss, dieting, fitness, blogger, guest post, interview, Q and A, lifestyle, inspiration


I’m Jen, I’m in my 30’s (and even when I am not I will stay that way forever, I really do not want to be 40!!). I live with my partner Stuart and my 11 year old son Ben. We are an average kind of family. My son has special needs which of course does add an extra dimension to life. I am a quite self conscious person and have depression.

Tell me about your blog/ business. What is it, what inspired you etc…

Just Average Jen is a lifestyle and food blog. I started my blog in 2015 after people kept telling me I should write a book or write a blog to share my story. The idea of writing a book scares me a little so I decided to start a blog!

I lost over 10 stone in weight dropping from a whopping size 30 to a size 6-8 by healthy eating since I joined Slimming World. I didn’t do any exercise and lost the first 8 stone of my weight in just 37 weeks. This weight loss has completely changed my life as I am sure you can imagine. So many people say that I am inspiring and look to me for tips and recipes to help with their own weight loss journeys so this is one aspect of my blog. I also talk about running as since I lost my weight I have started running and completed a half marathon and I am planning more races this year too.

My blog doesn’t just cover weight loss and running, it also looks at improving confidence and as such clothes, make up and other ways to become the “real” you. I review items linked to the subjects of my blog, so pretty much anything from food, to household items and clothes to make up with the odd other random item thrown in there too. I am just an average person and my blog aims to come across as that, the girl next door kind of blog about things that affect average women like me!

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’?

I love to run when the weather is reasonable, I don’t mind when it is a bit chilly or a little wet but I do draw the line and do pick and chose a little when I can! My blog is also something I enjoy doing for me and spend a lot of free time doing.

What is your favourite family activity?

I love playing board games with Stuart and Ben, not because I like board games because to be honest I am not a big fan of them but I love the way they bring our little family together away from electronics for an hour or so just having fun together!

We love outdoors and nature here at Living Life Our Way… What’s your favourite outdoor activity?

On my own I love to run, but as a family my favourite outdoor activity has to be when Stuart and I take Ben to the airport to watch planes taking off and landing. We love walking around there, Ben loves watching the aeroplanes and getting all excited about our next holiday or remembering the previous holiday.

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

I love the River Trent at Gunthorpe bridge not far from me. It is a beautiful place to walk and so very relaxing. I also love going on holiday to Majorca but I guess that doesn’t really count as a place to visit as such.

What’s your favourite animal and why?

I love hedgehogs, they are cute but spikey and I find them intriguing in the way they curl up to protect themselves.

And finally…

Tell me one random fact about yourself.

My waist now measures less than one thigh did when I was at my biggest!

Lastly, is there anything else you are bursting to share with us all?

No, but thank you for letting me share my blog with your readers.

Find out more about Jen and her amazing journey here…

Blog: www.justaveragejen.com

YouTube: www.youtube.com

Facebook: facebook.com/justaveragejen

Twitter: @justaveragejen

Instagram: justaveragejen

A Quick Cuppa… Me, Him, The Dog and A Baby

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Tell me about yourself…

I’m Lyndsey, 30 and I live in North Norfolk with my husband, one year old daughter Erin and crazy dog Jackson. I blog over at Me, him, the dog and a baby although I didn’t start off that way. I think I’ve had three blogs before this one, on and off since 2010. I used to be a book blogger but decided to change direction since becoming pregnant with Erin. I certainly don’t have time for anything other than picture books any more!

A Quick Cuppa With, blogger, interview, Q and A, guest post, Living Life Our Way

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My family. Every day they inspire me to work harder and do better at everything.

Tell me about your blog. What is the main theme? What inspired you to start it?

I would describe my blog as a family blog. As you can tell by the name, I write about all members of my family so I can’t class the theme as parenting. I also love to talk about our home and anything we do to it, days out, food and other random topics.

As I said earlier, I used to have a book blog but the time I had to read changed and other things became more important in life. I wanted to write about those things instead!

Do you blog full time or do you work as well? How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

I guess really I should say that I blog part time and work part time. I work three evenings a week in a supermarket as we have no childcare for Erin during the day. I also hated my old job so decided not to go back when my maternity leave ended.

However, I blog A LOT. I generally do something to do with blogging from about 8pm until about midnight on days I don’t work and then for an hour or so a night on the days I do work.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

Don’t compare yourself!! I think it’s really important to blog for you and do it exactly how you want to, especially when it comes to opportunities and paid work. Bloggers can get so caught up in how much other people get paid, me included at times, and can feel pressured to do something they don’t really want to. It also takes all of the fun out of blogging if it causes stress and upset.

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’?

I honestly don’t really have much free time. Erin and I spend all day together until I go to work 3 evenings a week. On the evenings I don’t work I still don’t really sit down until about 8pm when Erin goes to bed. This is when I usually start doing anything I need to do for my blog, sometimes until midnight or later. My one thing to relax though is a nice hot bubble bath!

What are your favourite family activities?

My husband probably wouldn’t agree but we love a trip into Norwich for the day. I know he doesn’t like the shopping part of those trips but we do always get to go and have nice food and maybe some Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

If I had a choice of somewhere to go outdoors I would always pick the zoo. It doesn’t really matter which zoo it is either. The thing about zoos is that you can walk around them in any weather and still have a good time!

Best family day out?

As Erin is only 1 we don’t go out and do big things too often. However, we went to Banham Zoo recently and we had loads of fun. The food was terrible and that let it down a bit but the zoo and the animals were amazing.

blogger, Q and A, guest post, interview

Read more about their adventures here…

Blog: www.mehimthedogandababy.com


Facebook: Mehimthedogandababy

Instagram: linzeeloulabelle

A Quick Cuppa With… Mrs Mummy Harris

Today I’m having a cuppa with Mrs Mummy Harris. To find out which famous celebrity​ she used to work with, and what she does on her daily commute, then read on… 

Living Life Our Way, A Quick Cuppa With, guest post, interview, Q and A, blogger, Mrs Mummy Harris

Tell me about yourself…

I’m Lianne, Just hit the big 3-0 and mummy to Benjamin who is nearly 8 months. Me and Hubby have been married for 2 years and live in Essex.

We have two furbabies Leo and Harley who rule the roost! I have just returned to work and work for an international  Law firm specialising in Low value and Fraudlent Personal Injury Car accident claims.

Name one random fact about yourself.

I used to work with James Corden (Pre- America, pre gavin and stacey obvs!)

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I dont think I actually have just one person who is an inspiration to be honest! Im really struggling to think here. There are several people I look up to and learn from both in the blogging wold and real world.

Tell me about your blog. What is the main theme? What inspired you to start it?

My blog is a parenting blog, It revolves around my life as a mum and wife so there are articles relating to relationships also. Its not all stepford wives-esque. Its very much “say it how it is”. I started it after my PND got a bit too much and I needed a way of venting.

Do you blog full time or do you work as well? How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

I did blog full time until this week when I went back to work. It is a good thing that I am organised otherwise I dont think i’d cope blogging aswell as working full time!

My tip is to use your commute time wisely. I do my linky comments on the way home. but if you dont get internet signal, draft a post instead!

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

I would definately say to find your voice. Dont worry if your first few months sound a bit unprofessional or lengthy. You will find your voice and your flow in time. I’ve only been going four months so know I’m still new to this and still adapting and learning. But I think even the most experienced bloggers learn also!

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’?

Other than drinking copious amounts of alcohol, I like to read and watch movies. Dancing in my kitchen with Hubby is also a well known past time of ours!!

What are your favourite family activities?

Ben is only 7 months so family activities are few and far between, however he really loves going to London – all the lights and hustle and bustle keeps him amused for ages!!

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

We both really love Oxford as the architecture is amazing, but unfortunately we havent been there since Ben was born due to the cobbles being a nightmare for his buggy! maybe this year when he’s walking though.

Best family day out?

I think the time we went to Winter Wonderland and Ben had really started to pay an interest in everything that was around him. On the way back he entertained the whole train carriage with his dancing and cuteness and they were all laughing at how adorable he was. I wonder who he takes after hahaha!

Read more about Mummy Harris here…

Website: www.mrsmummyharris.co.uk

Instagram: mrsmummyharris86

Pinterest:  mrsmummyharris

Facebook: mrsmummyharris86

Twitter: @mummyharris86

A Quick Cuppa With… Muddling Through Motherhood

Today I have champion pizza eater Muddling Through Motherhood over here on my blog for a cuppa and a natter…

A Quick Cuppa With, Muddling Through Motherhood, blogger, interview, Q and A, guest post, Living Life Our Way

Tell me about yourself…

My husband Tom and I are first-time parents to our lovely daughter Imogen, who is 11 months old. We live in a little village in Kent, near to where we both grew up. I decided not to return to my full-time magazine journalism job in London after maternity leave and have recently launched my career as a freelance sub editor and copywriter. I’m a dog person and I love cups of tea in the day/Prosecco in the evenings, getting stuck into a good novel (if I ever I get the time…) and generally enjoying life with family and friends.

Name one random fact about yourself.

When I was 13, I won a pizza-eating competition at school; I was the fastest person to eat a pizza with my hands tied behind my back and I won a box of chocolates. Looking back, it was a very random event for a secondary school to organise.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My daughter; she makes me laugh every day and is the reason I get up in the mornings (literally and metaphorically).

Tell me about your blog. What is the main theme? What inspired you to start it?

Muddling Through Motherhood is an account of my experiences and observations on being a parent. It is written from the heart and is very conversational and humorous. I was inspired to start it as I had all these thoughts and ideas about motherhood in my head and wanted to share them with my friends and family. They seemed to really enjoy my musings, so I decided to start promoting it to a wider audience.

Do you blog full time or do you work as well? How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

At the moment, I only blog once a week, but I try to post on social media more regularly. I struggle to find the time to write and be active on all the different social media channels, while also looking after a baby. My mother-in-law babysits Imogen one afternoon a week, so that I can look for work and spend some quality time writing. I often write in the evenings, but then find my brain is too active and I can’t get to sleep – even though I am shattered.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

Make sure your content is up to scratch (spelling and grammar especially), and write about what interests you, not what you think people want to read.

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’?

What is free time again? I like to read fiction (a mix of crime novels and chick lit) and watch TV shows/films. I tend to blob in front of the TV most evenings to just zone out and relax. Before we had a baby, our favourite pastime was going out for dinner, so every now and again my husband and I have a date night and go for a meal. I also go to two exercise classes a week, which I suppose I consider being free time.

What are your favourite family activities?

As Imogen is still quite young, we mostly go for walks in the country. There are some lovely parks and woodland in Kent and we are very lucky to have some beautiful National Trust properties on our doorstep.

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

Knole Park in Sevenoaks is simply stunning. You can walk for miles, see lots of deer and look around the beautiful house. There is also a lovely little café.

Best family day out?

We had a great time at Paradise Park in Cornwall last summer. We watched an amazing bird-of-prey display and there were some brilliant interactive exhibits where the children got to feed fish to penguins and nectar to parakeets. Great for getting kids interested in nature and animals. Imogen was only five months old when we visited, but the park was extremely child/baby friendly. We would definitely return when she is a bit older.

Thanks for joining me!

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Sunshine Blogger Awards

Thank you Devon Mama for tagging me in the sunshine blogger awards. These are the answers to my questions…

How did you come up with the name of your blog?

My daughter answered this one very well: “It is because sometimes we do things differently to most, but we live life our way, in the way that is right for us!”

What would you sing at karaoke if you HAD to pick one song?

Tricky with Lindsay (Sorry to everyone who is not her and won’t ‘get’ this answer!)

Who would play you in a movie of your life?

Can I play myself?!

What’s your proudest achievement (aside from being a parent!)?

Taking my own path in life.

If you had to lose one sense (taste, touch, hearing, sight or smell) which would it be?

I hate these kinds of questions! Taste, I guess.

What was your first job?

Cleaner at the school I attended.

What do you love most about your child?

Her creativity and ability to think entirely outside the box.

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

I would like to be able to travel more.

Why do you blog?

I enjoy it and it is very flexible.

Who is your hero?

Anyone and everyone who keeps growing, who fights for a better world and/or who comes out stronger when faced with personal challenges.

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I now tag Business For Mums to answer the following ten questions…
What is your favourite hobby? (Besides writing!)

What is your favourite TV show currently?

Where would your dream holiday be?

When was the last time you cried and why?

How did you celebrate your last birthday? 

How do you spend your ideal night in?

Who inspires you?

Why did you start blogging?

Where did you last go out? 

Who would you most like to sing a duet with? 

A Quick Cuppa With… A Slice Of My Life Wales

What is everyone up to this weekend? Today Leanne joins me to talk about life in Wales, read on…

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Tell me about yourself…

Hi! I’m Leanne, a thirty something year old based in the South Wales Valleys. I am a first time mother to Aria who is almost two years old. I must be insane because as well as a toddler I have two cats, one older more sensible cat, and one crazy kitten! Life in my house is fun! I have a passion for photography, interior design and fashion, although I am unhappy with my weight at the moment so am living out my fashion dreams through my daughter, also, I have no money so am living out my interior design dreams through Pinterest.

Name one random fact about yourself.

My feet are only a size four, which is great as I can sometimes get away with kids shoes which can be so much cheaper!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Cheesy but I have to say my mam. Without blowing my own trumpet both myself and my sister turned out to be polite, friendly and hard working, she did a great job in raising us and if I can be half the mam she was, and still is, then I will be happy.

Tell me about your blog. What is the main theme? What inspired you to start it?

I started my blog a very long time ago, around five years ago. I didn’t really know what I was doing when I started it, I just wanted some kind of online inspiration where I could keep a diary of things such as money saving and weight loss in the hope that putting it in the public eye would inspire me. From there it has grown and changed direction to become what it is today, a lifestyle and parenting blog. I blog about all kinds of different stuff, my motto is “if I love it, I blog it”. I regularly cover family days out, food, parenting – anything goes really!

Do you blog full time or do you work as well? How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

For quite a while I blogged, worked three days a week and looked after my daughter. I found it so hard to keep on top of everything and was constantly stressed. Thankfully I am in a position where I am earning enough (not bucket loads but a part time wage) from blogging to have been able to leave work and concentrate on my blog. I now have childcare three days a week which is when I get the bulk of my blogging done and I can often be found on my laptop/phone catching up in the evenings.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

Do what you want to do. There are so many blogging groups on facebook lately which are packed full of tips which is great, but what I am seeing more of is people on these groups dictating to people what they should and shouldn’t do. For example, everyone says that you should have a niche, where as I say blog about whatever you want, do what makes you happy.

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’?

I love to go for days out with the family, either a nice country walk or a nice meal. I’m quite easily pleased and even an afternoon browsing the shops makes me smile. I also love to chill on the sofa and binge watch Netflix, preferably with a box of chocolates.

What are your favourite family activities?

A simple walk, our aim for 2017 is to get out and about more on the weekends. We’re only two weekends in to January as I type this and we have already visited two local National Trust places that we hadn’t been to before. I love to get out with my DSLR in hand and enjoy a peaceful walk while capturing some perfect memories.

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

That would be my local park. It is huge and beautiful. I grew up playing there and now get to enjoy watching the next generation playing there. There is something so special about seeing my niece and nephew (my daughter is still a bit too young!) climb the trees that my sister and I climbed when we were younger.

Best family day out?

I really enjoy going to St Fagans in Cardiff. The open air museum is fascinating to see and the grounds are beautiful.

Thank you for taking part!

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