Songmics Bamboo Shoe Rack: Review and Giveaway 

As it starts to get more wet and muddy outside, having somewhere to store our shoes and wellies is essential! So it was handy to be sent a Songmics bamboo shoe rack to review.

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The shoe rack was really quick and easy to assemble. It comes in four pieces screwed together with 8 screws. It took 6 minutes to put together and that was certainly on the longer side of how long it would take your average person. This is a video demo of assembly…

The shoe rack itself is nice and sturdy. It looks great and is very practical; the bamboo is very easy to wipe down and keep clean. I also like the fact that it is made from bamboo, which is highly sustainable.

#bamboo #eco #sustainable #interiors #home #review #songmic

The shoe rack measures 70cm long x 25cm wide, which fits several pairs of shoes in a row. The height is 33cm, with the bottom shelf starting at 8.5cm from the ground and a gap of 18.5cm between the shelves. This leaves space for small, flat shoes (e.g slippers or plimsolls) or other items on the floor below the bottom shelf, normal shoes fit on the bottom shelf and then wellies or boots go on the top shelf.

#bamboo #eco #sustainable #interiors #home #review #songmic

The rack can also be used for other purposes too. For example, it makes a stylish bathroom organiser. It looks modern and neat so would fit well in any room. I love it!

You can be in with a chance of winning one of these fab shoe racks by entering the giveaway below. One lucky winner will be drawn randomly by rafflecopter after the competition ends. UK residents only. Competition ends on 25th November 2017. Other T&Cs apply.

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*Disclosure: I was sent this item for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. The post contains amazon affiliate links. This does not cost the buyer anything extra, but I make a small amount from sales made via the link. Thank you.

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82 thoughts on “Songmics Bamboo Shoe Rack: Review and Giveaway ”

  1. It could be used for bathroom/bedroom as well .What a stylish storage unit !!!
    I love the under the bed storage boxes with lids.Toys,clothes & extra bedding are all tidied away neatly.

  2. Really need one of these for my front door. So handy and very modern looking. Top tip would be to buy lots of storage boxes, wardrobe space savers and racks

  3. This looks great for keeping shoes in the right place – we’re forever running round trying to find them!!

  4. I’ve been wanting a shoe rack for quite a while. Our shoes tend to end up in the hallway, and it gets a bit annoying. I have the perfect spot in mind that would really help our entryway look so much better.

  5. I absolutely love the look of this. It is so chic. I like lots of storage baskets and racks to keep my home tidy and organised.

  6. This is such a great prize – my kids come in and leave their shoes everywhere, this would give them home!

  7. What a nice shoe rack. I do not have a hall cupboard so have to try hard to keep things tidy. My best tip is to label everything so it can be found easily after storage.

  8. NICE neat rack .love bamboo. My tip. A place for everything and everything in its place. Tidy up as you go

  9. what a classy looking shoe rack. I love to get the kids involved in tidying up, and when they were younger I had photographs taped onto the storage boxes so they knew what went where.

  10. Great giveaway – I like everything to have a place to go – whether it’s boxes, baskets, shelves, cupboards x

  11. This would be very handy for my hallway, with three kids there never seems to be enough room for all out shoes. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  12. Looks perfect for our cupboard under the stairs. the best way to stay tidy and organised is to tidy as you go along your day

  13. I’d suggest to anyone that they have a meal planning pad in the kitchen that everyone can see – write on whats for dinner each night, I use it to keep track of a shopping list, and also write on our childcare arrangements for the week!

  14. Love Songmics, they have loads of useful products, that can be used in a number of ways. My Top Tip, is for everyone to have their own Downstairs box, and everyday, for everyone to put things in it that need to be ‘tided’ away, then once a week, tidy it! Hope that makes sense!

  15. This would be great in our hall! Its a great design, not too big but will hopefully stop my sons just kicking their shoes off and leaving them where ever they land!

  16. I really need to reorganise my hall way and shoes are one of the main causes of ‘untidiness’ here so this would be a very useful addition

  17. This would be a brilliant way to organise the pile of shoes that permanently seems to be outside our front door and it would stop everyone tripping over them all the time too!

  18. Love this as I always seem to be tripping over shoes – wonder if my husband would actually remember to use it though x

  19. There is not a lot worse for looking untidy as shoes and boots strewn around. This is perfect for keeping them in order.

  20. This is just what I need inside my door to save shoes from going missing on the one day you are late for school

  21. Love this shoe rack and it would be great storage for under my staircase, which is currently a bombsite

  22. Would be perfect for keeping little people’s wellies and muddy things. How lovely!

    My top tip for organisation is to keep everything in clear containers with labels as you always forget!!

  23. I really like this. It wouldn’t fit all our shoes in but would be good for the regular footwear or for visitors to use. Best way to be organised at home is to declutter! Simple and minimalistic is easier to manage.

  24. This would be great to organise the childrens shoes, which allways seem to end up in the most stupid places.

  25. Great prize, my wife is always complaining about my shoes being everywhere, so this would help keep them tidy

  26. thank you for a lovely giveaway. i used the plastic boxes that slide under the bed for stoarge they are really good and can fit loads in!

  27. This is lovely and would look fab in my hallway. I always try to have a home for everything so you can put away rather than put down

  28. Im a fan of rotating summer and winter clothing with loft storage and in large clear boxes, helps keep space freed up, many thanks….

  29. We invested in a few storage boxes of different sizes. We bought large boxes for bulky toys and smaller ones for the flimsy model airplanes, tubes of bubbles and bouncy balls. If your children know that everything has a home it’s easier for them to keep things tidy.

  30. This is a great product, I really need to keep the house organised with a busy family so this would really help x

  31. Love the giveaway, really helps with shoes everywhere! My tip is to rotate toys so that not everything is out at once.

  32. I think this is a great giveaway! My top tip for home organisation is to tidy and clean when the kids are in bed so they’re not wanting your attention.

  33. smart / tidy / decorative way to keep things (l may not use it as a shoe rack if l were lucky enough to win)

  34. This is so simple but stylish! Would come in really handy in our house (5 of us) so you can imagine how many pairs of shoes!!

  35. I love the look of this shoe rack, I like the white against the wood very nice and modern too.
    My top tip is organisation have everything in their certain places. only keep what you really need.

  36. Very simple yet stylish. Good to see an open rack rather than an enclosed cup that doesn’t allow footwear to breathe.

  37. This would be great for my porch which always seems to be cluttered with shoes.

    My storage tip is to declutter often!

  38. This would be so handy for all our shoes! Thank you! A storage tip….store away your Summer/Spring clothes (that you obviously won’t be wearing just now) in vaccum bags to save space. Then when the Spring comes, swap them for your Autumn and Winter clothes.