World Environment Day 2017 – Connecting People To Nature 

Today, 5th June 2017, is World Environment Day. The aim of this campaign is to connect people to nature. Of course, for those of us who are taking part in 30 Days Wild, this is something that we are already doing throughout this month anyway!

However, I would like to set everyone a challenge to do today. As suggested on the World Environment Day website, share a photograph of your favourite nature spot using hastags #WorldEnvironmentDay and #WithNature to celebrate this event. Let’s create the world’s biggest nature photo gallery!  

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There is also an excellent app – inaturalist– that is using photos to carry out citizen science research. So do consider sharing your photos with the online community there too; you can learn something new whilst also taking part in this important research.

Do you have your own event planned for World Environment Day today? I would love to hear about it, please share in comments!

#WorldEnvironmentDay #WithNature #30DaysWild #LivingLifeWild 

Author: Living Life Our Way

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16 thoughts on “World Environment Day 2017 – Connecting People To Nature ”

  1. I didn’t even know it was World Environment Day. It’s a shame it wasn’t more publiscised so that people could do more about it.

  2. The frustrating this is in my area this was hardly mentioned so this is the first I knew. I’m glad I found your post. Our planet is so precious we need to do all we can to protect it.

  3. If each of us on this planet made a concerted effort to do good for the environment by reducing waste and pollution, we will see our climate improve. Here’s to hope for our future!

  4. it was well celebrated in a few places around my place and i loved how there were loads of tree planting along with other things to make the occasion a memorable one. thanks for the reminder.

  5. World Environment day importance should be felt by all. Your post reflects a poistive impact on World Environment conservation and protection ideas.

  6. I had no idea it was world environment day. I’ll have to remember for next year. Turns out I celebrated without realizing. We took our dogs on a long walk to the park, and also cleaned up some trash that was along the side of the street.

  7. I share pics made in the south italy nature every day! So good to know about this challenge, I’ll do it again! Nature and environment is our second home. the first is our body. The health of the former is the only way for the latter to survive!

  8. Thanks a lot for writing this post. I do think that we need to care much more about the environment. Cant that you more for finding such an innovative way to make people aware! Thanks!

  9. There is a day for everything, which is very interesting. I am that big into the environment, but i respect anyone into it.

  10. I had no idea that today was world environment day but as someone who cares deeply about nature I applaud their initiative. Thank you for letting us know! x

  11. I had no idea there was a world environment day! What a great idea! It’s so important to educate others on the enviroment and for us all to pitch in to save the planet!