100 Days of Home Ed #LoveHomeEd – Day 53 (The World Is Their Classroom)

I’m Nicola from Yorkshire and home ed my 5 children ages 13, 10, 8, 5 & 2. 

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They have never been to school. I met another home educator before I had my first child and decided it was something I would love to do. My inspiration comes from my parents who brought me and my brothers up with lots of fun crafts and activities. I love watching them learn new things and bond as siblings.

Our home ed is structured Mon- Thurs with lots of practical activities as well as following our workbooks. Fri- Sun they have lots of free time as well as their sports activities and visiting family.

My advice to other home edders would be that everyone’s home ed journey is different. Follow their interests and take it from there.

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The World is Their Classroom

Author: Living Life Our Way

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