#Blogtober 2016 – Day 9: Favourite Movies You Never Get Sick Of Watching

I used to LOVE watching movies. Infact, I could probably watch most over and over again and still not be bored. I went through phases of particularly enjoying different genres or film directors (I loved Kevin Smith films for example), as I’m sure many people do at some time or another. However, my taste in movies has become more selective in my 30’s and I rarely watch the same film twice anymore. So I decided the best way to (not really!) answer this question is to do a movie quiz…

Movie, film, reel, popcorn, clapboard, blogtober

1. Last movie you watched at home?

Shallow Hal (It just happened to be on and this is one of my rare can watch over again films!)

2. Movie(s) currently on your list to watch asap?

Bad Moms, new Bridget Jones, Pitch Perfect 2

3. First movie that comes to mind when someone says “name any movie”! 

Oh, erm, erm…  There’s Something About Mary!

4. Movie from your teens.

Empire Records

5. Last movie you watched more than once?

Pitch Perfect

6. Favourite childhood movie.

Never Ending Story. I claimed to like Labyrinth but was secretly quite scared of it haha!

7. Last movie you watched at the cinema.

Suicide Squad (indoors) 

10 Things I Hate About You (open air)

8. Preferred film genre.

Comedy/ RomCom

9. Most memorable movie and why?

I could name a really profound movie right now, and there are so many… but I am going to take a different angle and go with Lord Of The Rings because it’s the only premiere I have ever been to!

10. Movie that makes you cry.

So many… too many… most probably lol!

11. Fave seasonal movie.

Love Actually. Quick story… Every Christmas at primary school we used to watch The Snowman as our end of year ‘treat’ and so I now can’t stand it! 

12. Movie that makes you stop everything to watch.

I don’t stop to watch a movie long enough/ enough times to have an answer to this question haha!

If you want to take the movie quiz too I would love to read your answers! Tag me on twitter @followourpath  Instagram @living_life.our_way or facebook at @livinglifeourwayblog or leave me a comment… thank you!


#Blogtober 2016 – Day 8: Favourite TV Programmes

When I think back, I realise my taste in TV programmes has changed alot. Growing up I was obsessed with Neighbours, then later Eastenders too. Home and Away too, to a lesser extent. However, these days I no longer watch any soaps at all.

Over the years there have been loads of series that I have really enjoyed, way more than I can possibly list. I used to be a huge TV buff! However, my all time favourite show would probably have to be Friends, that’s the show of my generation!

Friends, sitcom, american sitcom, 1990s, TV show

The main kind of programmes I tend to watch now are reality TV shows, such as Big Brother, Made in Chelsea, TOWIE, First Dates, The Apprentice and so on. I also love music competitions, such The Voice, X Factor, Britains Got Talent etc… I also enjoy some sitcoms too, especially Big Bang Theory. I have much less time to watch TV these days though!


#Blogtober 2016 – Day 7: What Made You Start Blogging

I first started blogging shortly after my daughter was born. I can’t even really entirely remember why I started blogging, I just felt inspired to write about my experiences as a new parent and wanted a platform to share. I think I also had vague ideas about one day writing a book and thought a blog might be a good place to start. But I didn’t really take my new mummy blog seriously, it was just a hobby, somewhere to release my thoughts.

A couple of years later, I then set up a separate blog to write parenting and SEND articles. However, once I started home educating I decided to focus on blogging about that and set up yet another blog! I toyed with the idea of merging the various blogs, and still do consider it often, but always decide against it, so far anyway. When the time is right I probably will do though! 

So that’s my blogging story. And maybe one day I will finally write that book…


#Blogtober 2016 – Day 6: Favourite Present Ever

I struggled with this theme at first (again, why am I finding this challenge so hard?!) but then I realised I was actually just thinking about it the wrong way and that’s why I was drawing a blank!

I’m not really into getting gifts, weird I know! Don’t get me wrong, I have had some lovely gifts over the years, and I really appreciate them. My dad is very generous. My daughter chooses me wonderfully unique presents! I remember a lovely bracelet from my mum too, for my 16th or 18th (I forget which!) A funny home-made photo book from a close friend for my 21st birthday. These thoughtful things come to mind when I try to think back to what people have bought me.

But the first thing that really came to mind when I read the theme was finding out I was pregnant shortly after my 28th birthday. Or my 30th birthday, when I stayed home with my lovely little girl, playing all day, then went for a lovely family meal. 

Seaside, sea, beach, weymouth, birthday
Squiggle walking along the beach in Weymouth

Or my birthday just gone, when I spent the day in glorious sunshine by the sea in Weymouth on holiday. No presents, one homemade card- from my little girl of course. Everything was stripped back; such a simple day. But it was one of those rare days when everything was just absolutely perfect all day long; when the universe works so completely in your favour and everything is just a dream. Relaxed. Happy. And so very blessed. What more could I ask for than that? So, that is my answer- that was my best present ever!


#Blogtober 2016 – Day 5: What Career Did You Have Planned As A Child? 

What were my childhood dreams, career-wise? What did I want to be when I grew up? Good question! I am not really sure I ever had an answer to that question, I think I had ideas of the kind of thing I might like but never anything specific.

As mentioned before, I used to dream of being in a band but I knew this would never be achievable! More realistically, I was absolutely obsessed with animals and wanted to run some kind of shelter. 

One thing I do remember is how my cousin was absolutely adament that she wanted to be a flight attendent so she could travel the world. She now does exactly that. I guess some people have that level of direction from a very young age whilst others take longer. And that’s ok. 


#Blogtober 2016 – Day 4: A Secret About Me

Ooh, I almost feel we should all pull up a chair and make a circle. Today we are sharing our inner most secrets. Well ok, so maybe not quite our inner most secrets, but a secret, or something loosely related to one will do. So I’ll start…

And actually, to be perfectly honest, this is quite easy for me. I have a very silly, embarrasing secret that I am (sort of!) happy to share publicly. It is a fear, and I am well aware of how ridiculous it is but I just cannot bring myself to take the plunge… 

…I seriously SERIOUSLY cannot use escalators! If I even look at one I go dizzy and shaky, and feel like I will fall over. It really is that intense. I just cannot do it. 

It makes getting around London via the underground rather challenging at times but the tfl accessibility maps are useful for this and, as a friend said recently, it is an eye-opener too; it demonstrates how much of a challenge it is for others who can’t use escalators for different reasons! 

Underground map for London
TFL accessibility map


#Blogtober 2016 – Day 3: If You Won The Lottery, You Would?

Interesting question, as I have genuinely not really thought about it! Of course it crosses my mind sometimes (often!) “ooh if I had the money I would go here, or do that” type of thing but never really thought about it more deeply than that. So after some thinking here is what I came up with…

If it was a small win, it would go towards paying our bills!

Medium win- As above but also I would take Squiggle on a short holiday somewhere.

Big win- hmmm, now it gets harder. I guess it would depend how much exactly because various things spring to mind and I’m not sure what would be the priority. On the one hand, it would be nice to own our home, and we would love some land to grow more food etc… But on the otherhand, I would also love to travel properly at our own pace, and in particular having an eco friendly camper van would be amazing! But then again, if I owned our home then I could rent it out on air bnb while we travelled so that would be useful. Tough one!

Jackpot- all of the above, with lots of (eco!) travelling to different countries and spending plenty of time really immersing ourselves in each place. 

Last but not least, as cliché as it may sound, I would definitely also make donations to various charities, and/ or set up my own.

Now, where’s my lottery ticket gone…. 


#Blogtober 2016 – Day 2: An Old Photo of Me

Hmmm, I don’t actually have many old photos of me. Certainly not pre-digital ones, so prior to my mid twenties. I don’t have any from my childhood here at all and only a couple from my teenage years that I found and scanned in. I’m pretty sure my dad probably has a million printed pictures of my younger years but I have never got round to getting any from him!

So I have found one from exactly 20 years ago from the small collection I do have…

Old photos of me, family photos, teenage photos, blogtober
My mum, brother and myself (Taken in 1996 – aged 17)

And here is one from exactly a decade ago…

Selfie, photo of me, old photo, blogtober, decade ago
Me 10 years ago (aged 27)

So that’s me, from the past anyway! 

Look forward to seeing your photos too.


#Blogtober 2016 – Day One: Who Are You?

​Hi everyone! 

I’m taking part in #Blogtober16 (at the 11th hour I might add!) so today is all about ME!!! For those who don’t know, blogtober 2016 is 31 days of posts with a different set theme each day, hosted by www.hexmumblog.com 


I am also doing the Project Green Challenge too this month so October is a busy month for me, and I am really just hoping to at least sort of keep up with both… eek! #PGC2016 is an inspiring (and life- changing) intiative set up by Turning Green. Each challenge starts at 6am PT (2pm here in UK) so I am hoping the time difference will work in my favour. (Of course I could also schedule some of my Blogtober posts, but I am not that organised!) 

So anyway, about me… 

My about us page probably sums me up quite well, so I will begin by cheating abit and sending you off to look there… 


Ok, so aside from that, here are 3 random facts about me…

1. As soon as I finished my A Levels, I moved to Tenerife to work as a club PR for a season. It was hard work 7 nights per week and I barely made enough for basic food rations but had the time of my life! I find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe that was almost 20 years ago now.

Playa de las Americas Tenerife PR team
Tenerife days

2. I have a scar across my forehead from an accident aged 4 years old, when I tripped over my own feet, smashing my head open on our coffee table. I also fractured my arm by falling off the top of a toddler slide when I was 10 and landing badly. These are possibly two of the most cringy-worthy ways of sustaining an injury; when people ask about my scar I would at least like a cool Harry Potter style story to tell lol! 

3. I LOVE music, absolutely love it. But sadly don’t actually have a musical note in my entire body; I can’t play an instrument and am totally tone deaf. This somewhat shattered my childhood dream of being in a band!

What else do you want to know? If you have a specific question then please post in comments and I will answer you. 

I  would also love for you to share a random fact about yourself too, leave in comments or tweet me @followourpath

I look forward to reading!

Willows Farm at Christmas

Squiggle had a lovely day enjoying the festivities at Willows Farm in St Albans. The main downside was that even during school hours it was alot busier than we would have hoped as it seems a popular destination for school trips at this time of year. That aside, we really enjoyed the range of Christmas activities on offer as well as the usual Willows fun.

It was not possible to take full advantage of the developments they have made recently to the sand area, that now includes additional features for water play, but it looked brilliant. Also looking forward to the future developments planned for the adventure playground, on the theme of Peter Rabbit.

From an SEN point of view, we appreciated the fact that disabled tickets did not have the same restrictions as other ticket types on the internet advanced booking system. Such a simple thing made a big difference and says alot about their attitude I feel. So big thumbs up for that! The staff generally seem understanding towards SEN families and have a positive attitude, based upon our experiences there anyway.

Father Christmas was very accepting of Squiggle’s additional needs too, and he interacted with her beautifully. The only issue was the difficulty with waiting in the queue, especially when other customers unfortunately lack the same understanding, but thankfully it wasn’t as long to wait as it can be at times so we were fairly lucky with that. The larger toy shop was a big improvement, a far less claustrophobic experience than previous years!

Overall, really pleased with our visit, fantastic day out. Feeling very festive now!

Here are the photos…








For more info see their website www.willowsactivityfarm.com