Learning About Bees #30DaysWild

As I mentioned briefly in a recent post, I started reading abit more about bees – initially beekeeping in particular. However, I then found some lovely resources that I wanted to share with you all about bees. After all, these hardworking pollinators are vital to us yet are in need of greater understanding and protection!

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This short blog post by Raising Little Shoots has some great YouTube links. One of them demonstrates how sometimes tired, thirsty bees are in need of some sugar water to help revive them/ give them the energy needed to fly off. We did this ourselves recently, with a few drops of sugar water on a spoon for a little bee in our garden who was crawling around but was clearly exhausted. Afterwards, he went on his merry way!

Global Guardian Project also have a special edition capsule all about bees, which you can read more about on this blog post.

Do you have any bee facts? Please share them, it would ‘bee’ lovely to read them! 

Where’s Wildlife: Nature’s Version of Where’s Wally! (Post includes Linky) 

We have a wild patch in our garden. I love it because from a distance it doesn’t look like there is much there but the closer you get, the more you spot that there is actually an abundance of wildlife. So I decided to turn it into a 30 Days Wild activity; nature’s version of Where’s Wally? 

How many minibeasts can you spot in each of these photos? 

What about this one?

I was going to share some closer up pictures as part of this post, but I have just decided that on second thoughts, rather than give away the answers too quickly, I will post my close up photography in a separate post later! So look out for that coming soon!!! In the meantime, how many things have you spotted? Tell me in comments! 

Here is week three 30 Days Wild/ #LivingLifeWild linky,remember you can link up as many posts as you want! I will read and comment on them all 💚

Wildlife in Our Garden: Hedgehog Sighting

Early this morning, just after dawn, this little fella made his way across our garden and into our bushes. We have never seen a hedgehog in our garden before – infact I don’t think any of us have seen one in the wild ever full stop! SO excited!!!!

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This is Squiggle’s photo, she was thrilled to see him, she was the one who spotted him first!

hedgehog, #30dayswild, The Wildlife Trusts, #livinglifewild, 30 days wild, wildlife, british wildlife, hedgehog sighting, garden, urban wildlife, nature, childhood unplugged, freedom to learn, home education, get outside

It would seem to be the day for spotting these adorable little creatures for the first time! Over on instagram, The World Is Their Classroom posted this…

It is so wonderful to see British wildlife making an appearance up and down the country! The Wildlife Trusts website has some useful information and fun activities about hedgehogs, including a handy PDF download too. Squiggle made a hedgehog hideaway today to encourage and protect our new friend!

Exploring Nature Through All Of Our Senses #30DaysWild

Yesterday for 30 Days Wild, I used all of my senses to explore the natural environment around me. Even in a small urban garden, this is a very simple activity that really connects us to the world around us, and helps us to feel balanced and calm at the same time.


Looking around for natural items, I could see an array of colours. All around there are a variety of flowers, different types of grasses, a few weeks, a tree in our garden with many more in the distance, our growing area, a mass of tiny wildlife hiding in every corner. Such a wealth of things to see.

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Not just the flowers, but the air in general. Does it smell clean and fresh? Or maybe something is polluting it? Some of the common smells from an urban garden might be things such as freshly cut grass, food, rain, flowers and herbs, smoke, earthy smells etc… Focus on the natural ones. My favourite is when it has just rained!

#30dayswild, #livinglifewild, 30 Days Wild, nature, activities at home, garden, sensory activities


Listen to the sounds around. I could hear alot of other noise; an ice cream van, people talking, lawnmower, some kind of DIY, the bouncing noise of a trampoline… I tried to filter all of these out and tune into natural sounds. If I listened carefully, I could hear four different bird calls.

#30dayswild, #livinglifewild, 30 Days Wild, nature, activities at home, garden, sensory activities


I touched the grass, then took off my shoes and walked barefoot through it. We did this same activity, called Grounding, last year and I wrote about it briefly here.

#30dayswild, grounding, #livinglifewild, 30 Days Wild, nature, activities at home, garden, sensory activities


I didn’t taste anything. However, I could have made nettle crisps so that is perhaps inspiration for some other time! I would also love to learn more about foraging in general, since at the moment I don’t feel confident doing it (except for berries)!

#30DaysWild #LivingLifeWild

Family Fun Day – Finding The Wild! 

On Sunday, we went to a family fun day at a local college. Whilst that was in itself far from wild, we did find a couple of nature related things going on!

The main thing was finding our local beekeepers. This also led me to read more about beekeepers afterwards, especially from an ethical point of view. I found an interesting blog by a beekeeper about how approaches can vary and some are less ethical so I would like to know more about the practices of the ones we saw now. It was educational for Squiggle to see them though anyway!

Beekeepers, local honey, family fun day, #LivingLifeWild, #30DaysWild, 30 Days Wild, The Wildlife Trusts, wildlife, nature

We also spotted some woodcarving, which is such an awesome skill! Squiggle loved the rabbit…

Wood carving, family fun day, #LivingLifeWild, #30DaysWild, 30 Days Wild, The Wildlife Trusts

There are a few less ‘wild’ photos too! Building a wall…

Building a wall, bricklayer, manual skills, family fun day, #LivingLifeWild, #30DaysWild, 30 Days Wild, The Wildlife Trusts

Building a wall, bricklayer, manual skills, family fun day, #LivingLifeWild, #30DaysWild, 30 Days Wild, The Wildlife Trusts

Inflatable assault course…

inflatable assault course, family fun day, #LivingLifeWild, #30DaysWild, 30 Days Wild, The Wildlife Trusts

Fun games…

Games, family fun day, #LivingLifeWild, #30DaysWild, 30 Days Wild, The Wildlife Trusts

There were also sheep, birds of prey, funfair rides and dancing demonstration, plus lots of other things that we didn’t get round to as well!

Sunrise To Night Fall – #30DaysWild

Yesterday I watched the sunrise (again). I will be honest, I am not a morning person! But Squiggle is a poor sleeper sometimes and is often a (very) early riser. You know what they say – if you are handed lemons, make lemonade; so I try to make the best of it! Watching the sunrise is one beautiful way of doing that. Here is a slideshow of the photos I took…

Later on that evening, I was stood at our patio door enjoying some peace and watching a bat circle around the garden. I noticed the clouds were moving quite quickly so I decided to have a play with the hyperlapse function on my new phone to record a little video clip of the clouds…

It is quite cool, it looks pretty interesting! I love watching the sky; the colours, the shape and speed of the clouds, patterns, how it changes… it is just really fascinating!

30 Days Wild, #livinglifewild, clouds, urban skyline, photography, childhood unplugged, get outside

#30DaysWild #LivingLifeWild

Nature Printing Pebble Art #30DaysWild

Inspired by The Pinterested Parent, I sat in the garden yesterday afternoon and tried to create some beautiful nature printed pebbles. I say tried, because it turned out to be harder than it looked – or at least for me! 

However, this didn’t bother me in the slightest. Just as I teach Squiggle, it wasn’t about the finished result, it was for the sheer enjoyment of doing it. Plus it is relaxing. I love to be artistic simply for pleasure not gain. Sure, creating something that looks pretty at the end is very satisfying, but if it doesn’t work out, it is no loss. 

I found the painted leaves and grass quite interesting, and photography is my favourite creative outlet, so I decided to compose a couple of photos. However, regardless of how the original idea turned out, this was a really fun creative activity!

Remember this week’s linky is open to share your ‘wild’ adventures too! 

Camping Guide: Get Organised With Halfords

We have been on many outdoor style holidays, staying at campsites or holiday parks. We tend to be caravanners and often, but not always, opt for locations by the beach. We have had lots of precious moments from waking up to see rabbits hopping about outside our window, to exploring Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door for the first time last year, and discovering adventurous nature paths from our holiday site to the beach.

camping, caravanning, Halfords, travel, holidays, places to visit, outdoors, beach, blue mind, childhood unplugged, get outside, Dorset

However, I reflect back on our very first holiday as parents – a caravan trip to the seaside – and we were so unorganised and unprepared! Don’t get me wrong; there are lots of special memories from the trip – Squiggle’s first touch of sand, putting her toes in the sea for the very first time, sleeping away from home with her for the first time ever. It was wonderful in so many ways.

camping, caravanning, Halfords, travel, places to visit, outdoors, beach, blue mind, childhood unplugged, get outside, memories, parenting, holidays
First paddle in the sea.

But the caravan was basic with no heating, so it was very much like camping in a tent. Plus it was out of season too, so not very warm- and as new parents we forgot so many camping essentials! We even had to dash out in the evening to get supplies; we were literally banging on the window of the nearest store just as they closed up, begging them to let us in for 2 mins to make a quick purchase – cue a supermarket sweep style grab for blankets and extra thick sleeping bag! Oops!!!

Halfords have created a useful Guide To Camping with lots of helpful essential packing tips, so luckily you don’t have to make the same Rookie mistakes as we did! There are also suggestions for campsites; from beach lovers to cycling and outdoor adventures, wild camping, and caravanning sites, plus other camping ideas too – there is even a playlist if you need some musical inspiration!

What are your top camping tips? I would love to read them! Leave me a comment.

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Halfords.

Innovations in Blogging – What Does The Future Hold?

When I started blogging, I did it simply because I enjoyed writing; I believed that it would never be anything more than a hobby. Not least of all because I honestly thought the only people who could ever make any money from it were the people who got in there quick, when the whole blogging thing first took off. I realise now that is true of some things but I seriously don’t know why I thought that about blogging in particular! 

Fast forward to now and I still blog for the love of it… but now I also get a reasonable part- time income from it too. It is hard work, and there is so much more to it than I could possibly imagine before I got into it. But then again, when you do something you love, it doesn’t really feel like a job as such. And in some ways it has been easier, or at least more achievable, to monetise than I originally thought. I guess the saying is true that it often seems impossible until it is done. So I don’t foresee the popularity of blogging dwindling, if anything I think it will continue to grow.

I firmly believe that blogging can kind of be compared to books; in the sense that although the format might change (e.g. kindle books instead of hard copies), people continue to love to read books in one form or another – regardless of how popular TV, film and internet is. Regardless of other media, the love of books still remains strong. 

So in future, I think blogging will still be popular, and YouTube and podcasts will continue to grow in popularity but not at the expense of written blogs. But I also think bloggers are versatile and flexible so will adapt to the latest trend, as an addition to the services they offer. I suspect platforms like wordpress will continue to be front- runners.

Blogging, I feel, has also become more of a supportive community than it used to be. We all have our strengths, our own angles and our unique points; so to an extent there is room for us all. By working together, we lift each other up, and this makes us all stronger. I think in future our community will continue to grow and thrive; with more collaborations, networking and team work within blogging. I think this will be the case both online and in real life via conferences, events and meet ups. I suspect we will also see an expansion on the number of PR agencies, and an increase in websites who connect bloggers to brands. 

In summary, I would like to think that blogging will remain a viable way to earn an income and the community will continue to grow. At least, I hope so! 

Disclosure: This post is written as part of a study by innovationcompany.co.uk on what bloggers see as the future of blogging. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

World Oceans Day 2017 (and #30DaysWild linky!) 

We are now one week into #30DaysWild and so it’s time for a new linky! Thank you to everybody who linked up in the first week, I really enjoyed reading your posts and connecting with you. What has been your favourite challenge so far? And what ideas do you have for the rest of the month? I would love to hear from you!

World Ocean Day, ocean, environment, plastic free, green living, #30dayswild, #livinglifewild, 30 days wild, marine conservation society

Today is World Oceans Day, so I would like to share some information about useful resources and how we can help to protect our oceans. Late last night, I wrote a post about current campaigns, which you can read here. Previously, I have also written about other ways you can protect our oceans and why microbeads should be banned. Last but not least, Marine Conservation Society have some great plastic reduction tips or share your own! Plus grab yourself some sustainable plastic alternatives from their store too.

World Ocean Day, ocean, environment, plastic free, green living, #30dayswild, #livinglifewild, 30 days wild, marine conservation society

If you would like to read more about the wonders of our oceans, Global Guardian project have a free Oceans Capsule for download. Or read about the therapeutic benefits of water in the book Blue Mind by Dr Wallace J Nichols. (Amazon affiliate link). 

What are you doing to celebrate World Oceans Day? Tell me in comments!